Fallout: everything we know about the video game adaptation

To fall is now in development and gamers around the world are excited for the next series based on Bethesda’s video game franchise, which will explore how civilization was rebuilt after a nuclear war changed life as we know it. for all time.

The popular role-playing game is set after the Great War in 2077, which saw vast and deadly radiation exposure and the subsequent collapse of social and governmental structures, to the point where massive devastation was achieved in just two hours.

Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan of Kilter Films direct the To fall adaptation, with the Prime Video series being the first time the game franchise has been developed for the small screen.

Todd Howard, Executive Producer at Bethesda Game Studios, shared his excitement for the upcoming adaptation and said, “Over the past decade, we’ve looked at many ways to bring To fall on the screen.

“But it was clear from the moment I first spoke with Jonah and Lisa a few years ago that they and the Kilter team were the ones doing it right. We’re huge fans of their work and we couldn’t be more excited to work with them and with Amazon Studios.”

So tune up your Pip-Boys, crack open a Nuka Cola and let’s explore what we know about the To fall series so far…

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Fallout release date

Unfortunately we don’t know when to expect To fall so we’ll have to wait patiently until a release date is announced. Please wait!

Fallout 4 Sole Survivor and Dogmeat

Fallout 4 was the franchise’s most recent single-player game, featuring Fallout 76 serving as their first online edition. (Image credit: Bethesda)

Fallout plot: how far will it follow video games?

Prime Video has yet to confirm an official plot for the new adaptation, but there are plenty of possibilities that could be explored given that the To fall The franchise has featured different locations, factions, and creatures over the years.

Fallout 3 takes place in Washington DC (renamed Capital Wasteland), while the follow-up Fallout: New Vegas takes place in the Mojave Desert, and Fallout 4 takes place in the ruins of Boston, known as the Commonwealth. It is not yet known if the series will be set in one of these locations, or if it will be an entirely new one.

While video games always feature a human protagonist, often a former Vault Dweller, we know that the main character in this series is a ghoul, which are mutated humans who have been exposed to intense and prolonged radiation over time. They look like zombies but can still live and function normally, however, many people are repelled by them due to their appearance.

Actor Walton Goggins, who will play the as-yet-unknown ghoul, has shared some behind-the-scenes photos from the set of To fall where he wrote: “Day 1…FALLOUT…for Amazon. Take a deep breath….Exhale…Let’s see where that road goes too.”

Over time, we should expect to see photos of Walton after he’s been “ghoulified”, to look like the irradiated humans featured in the series. So maybe we’ll get a glimpse of some cool practical effects in the coming months!

Captain Zao in Fallout 4, who is now a Ghoul

Walton Goggins’ Ghoul character might look a bit like Captain Zao from Fallout 4. (Image credit: Bethesda)

Fallout Cast: Who’s in the Adaptation?

Walton Goggins is joined by an excellent cast so far, including yellow jackets starring Ella Purnell, twin peaks‘Kyle McLachlan, The wheel of time Season 2 star Xelia Mendes-Jones and Disjointed’s Aaron Moten.

It’s not yet clear who these actors will play, but there’s a mountain of possibilities. Could President John Henry Eden make an appearance or the much-loved Galaxy News Radio host Three-Dog? We’ll have to wait and see!

Fallout: first images

Fans spotted sets for To fall in Staten Island, New York, but it’s not yet known if the series will actually take place there or if it will take place in a different location.

Set footage shows a rusty, wrecked Super Duper Mart and vehicles like you’d encounter in the video game series. So now we know that some scenes may be filmed in the fictional supermarket where the raiders often hang out.

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So far, this is our only glimpse of the To fall sets, but we’ll be sure to update you if more are released to give fans a taste of what’s to come.

Other filming locations haven’t been confirmed either, so outside of Staten Island we don’t know where else. To fall will be filmed for now.

Is there a trailer yet?

Unfortunately no… you just have to be patient!

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