Fans are loving this Bloodborne PSX demake

The fan-made demake of Bloodborne PSX has been a big hit, with over 100,000 downloads in the day since its release. The reimagining distills Yharnam into a PS1-like experience and shows what Bloodborne might have looked like had it been released in the late 1990s. It also gives PC gamers a chance to see what one of the ports might look like. most requested of all time.

What is the Bloodborne PSX demake?

Demakes have been a popular genre of fangame, but few have taken it as far as this take on what Bloodborne might have looked like on the PS1. Game developer Lilith Walther put a ton of work into this 32-bit version of Yharnum, which came together over a 13-month period and is now available for download. Bloodborne PSX doesn’t include the full game, but there’s a big chunk of Yharham available to explore, and it includes an ending. It is therefore a complete title in its own right.

Unfortunately, neither a Bloodborne PC port nor an Enhanced Edition for PS5 has been announced, regardless of the rumors. Although other PlayStation-exclusive titles are making the leap to PC, Sony and FromSoftware have remained silent on this highly requested title.

Bloodborne is one of FromSoftware’s only titles to remain a PlayStation exclusive for the past few years, leading many fans to believe that Sony’s deal with the studio must be very restrictive. First-party Sony games have seen successful PC ports, but things are more complicated with FromSoftware being a third-party studio. If it can’t share the profits from a port of Bloodborne, it’s possible Sony wants to keep the game locked to its consoles. If so, the best we can hope for is a PS5 patch or remake at some point.

In other news, Far Cry 6 DLC is coming next week, and the developers at Godfalls are working on a new shooter.

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