Far Cry 6 Stranger Things Crossover DLC arrives this week alongside Free Weekend

Far Cry 6’s Stranger Things crossover DLC is launching this week, Ubisoft has confirmed, while the company has also announced that a free-to-play weekend is underway.

The Stranger Things crossover mission, which is called The Vanishing, arrives on March 24. In The Vanishing, something happens to your adorable little puppy, Chorizo, and you have to find and save him. The trailer seems to suggest that the demogorgon has something to do with Chorizo’s disappearance.

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Lecture en cours: Bande-annonce Far Cry 6 x Stranger Things

Toute l’expérience Far Cry 6, y compris The Vanishing, est gratuite du 24 au 27 mars, et le jeu complet est réduit de 50 %. Le Season Pass, quant à lui, est disponible à 35% de réduction.

Le crossover Stranger Things dans Far Cry 6 suit le DLC Danny Trejo et Rambo du jeu. En plus de ces extensions gratuites, le DLC payant de Far Cry 6 a jusqu’à présent inclus des add-ons basés sur les antagonistes des précédents jeux Far Cry, y compris Vaas. [Far Cry 3]min pagan [Far Cry 4]and Joseph Seed [Far Cry 5].

As for Stranger Things, the TV show, the first part of season 4 arrives in May on Netflix, with the second episode expected to arrive in July. A fifth season is coming after that to bring the main series to an end, but there could be a spinoff that further expands the wider Stranger Things universe.

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