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Adventure is one of the oldest and largest genres in video games, which includes any game that primarily focuses on telling a story by asking the player to explore and solve puzzles. Since these games are story-driven, the gameplay is often simply a tool to help the player immerse themselves in the story and progress through the plot.

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With the breadth of this genre, there are plenty of adventure games that have been overlooked and lost in the sea of ​​new releases, but many of these obscure games have interesting aspects worth checking out.

1,000 heads among the trees

Show a photo to one of the townspeople in the obscure adventure game 1000 Heads Among The Trees

While there are plenty of great indie horror games on Itch.io, none of them are as mysterious and challenging as 2015’s experimental game, 1,000 heads among the trees. Based on the developer’s experience living in Cachiche, Peru, the player controls a photographer who explores a virtual recreation of this real-life desert town at night.


In order to find the answers the player is looking for, the player will need to take pictures and show those pictures to the townspeople, who will all react differently. It quickly becomes clear that mysterious things are happening in the city. Although the main character is a tourist, this game teaches the player that there is no such thing as a passive observer.

off peak

A screenshot from the adventure game Off-peak.

One of the many cool free experiences available on Itch.io and Steam is off peak, which is a surreal exploration game that seems inspired by 90s 3D adventure games. In the future, the player gets stuck in a big train station and needs to find a ticket to be able to travel out of town.

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In this station, the player can encounter various strange characters, hidden rooms and intriguing secrets. Instead of being driven, the player can choose where they want to go and how they react to the world around them.

The shadow of memories

A screenshot from the game Shadow of Memories

Known as shadow of fate in North America, The shadow of memories is a mystery game originally released for the PS2 in 2001, but it was also later ported to Xbox, PC, and PSP. Set in the fictional German town of Lebensbaun, the player controls a 22-year-old man named Eike Kusch, who gains the ability to time travel.

After Eike is stabbed in the present by an unknown murder, a supernatural being known as Homunculus resurrects Eike and gives him a time travel device. Using this device, Eike travels back in time in an attempt to prevent his own murder. As he explores the different time periods, he encounters different characters and solves various puzzles that change the course of history. But, he eventually discovers that there is more to his journey than he originally thought.


A screenshot of the PS3 game Rain

Similar to previous eras, the seventh generation of video game consoles had their own aesthetic. In an attempt to look more futuristic and mature, colors were dull, textures looked oddly damp, and screens were filled with tons of different video effects to mask the fact that programming still needed more time to create 3D environments. realistic. Even though visuals from this era tend to be looked down upon, some games were able to use this style to their advantage, notably the PS3 game Rain.

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Original title lost in the rain, the game follows a young boy who tries to find a young girl in a big city inspired by Paris. The catch, however, is that the young boy, young girl, and weird enemies in the game are all invisible unless they’re standing in the rain.

The longest trip

Zoë Castillo with the wind blowing across her face

Developed by Norwegian studio Funcom, The longest journey is a series of adventure games that focus on two parallel universes and the protagonists who can travel between them. Our universe is called “Stark” and is dominated by science and technology, but there is also a parallel universe called “Arcadia”, which is dominated by magic and has a medieval setting.

The main protagonists must travel between the two worlds to help maintain the balance, while various antagonists attempt to upset it. While the first game follows a young woman named April Ryan and is a point-and-click game, the sequels focus more on Zoë Castillo and are third-person exploration games.

tex murphy

A screenshot from the 1998 game Tex Murphy: Overseer

From the 1989 game wicked streets, the tex murphy franchise is a series of detective games that had a total of six entries with the latest installment, Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure, released in 2014. Similar to other mystery games where the player can solve cases, the player controls the titular character, Tex Murphy, as he solves mysteries as a private investigator in a post-San Francisco apocalyptic.

The series combines the film noir aesthetic of well-known stories like The Maltese Falcon and The big sleep with cyberpunk decor. Besides the intriguing plot, the games are notable for being generally ahead of their time in terms of graphics, sound design, and gameplay elements.

Still life

A screenshot from the 2005 game Still Life

From the 2002 murder mystery game Post mortem, the Still life The trilogy follows several different characters as they attempt to solve gruesome murders. In Post mortem, the player controls former New York detective Gus McPherson as he accidentally stumbles upon another mystery in Paris.

The following, Still life, swings the player between Gus in 1920s Prague and his granddaughter Victoria, who is an FBI agent, in 2004 Chicago. They both attempt to track down a serial killer, and the two cases seem connected even though they occur several years apart. Then, Still life 2 continues this aspect of the gameplay by having the player switch between Victoria and a reporter named Paloma Hernandez as they uncover the truth about the previous game’s killer.

Flower, sun and rain

A screenshot of the DS version of the game Flower, Sun, and Rain

Freely connected to the 1999 PS1 game The silver case, the 2001 game Flower, sun and rain is one of the more obscure titles from famed video game creator Goichi Suda. While the original PS2 version remains one of many Japanese games that were never officially translated, the Nintendo DS port was released internationally. In this game, the player controls Sumio Mondo, who is a “seeker” or a person who makes a living by finding things that people have lost.

At the start of the game, Mondo has been hired by the manager of a hotel called “Flower, Sun, and Rain” on the Micronesian island of Lospass to defuse a bomb. But Mondo fails in this mission and finds himself in a groundhog day situation where he continues to relive that same day. While in this time loop, Mondo must use his skills to help local residents and eventually stop the bomb.


A screenshot from the game Anodyne 2: Return to Dust

Strongly inspired by The Legend of Zelda influential horror series and game Yume Nikki, the Calming the duology makes the player explore Zelda-like dungeons in a surreal world. Released in 2013, the original Calming is an action-adventure inspired by the 16-bit era where the player controls the protagonist named Young as he explores Young’s dream world, solving puzzles, defeating enemies and collecting cards.

In 2019, the sequel Anodyne 2: back to dust was released, which allows the player to explore PS1-style 3D environments as well as 16-bit dungeon sections. For this episode, the player controls a young woman named Nova, tasked with saving the island of New Theland from a substance known as Dust.

428: Shibuya Scramble

The character selection screen in 428: Shibuya Scramble

Originally released exclusively in Japan in 2008 for the Wii, but later released internationally in 2018 for the PS4 and PC, 428: Shibuya Scramble is a visual novel adventure game that combines text, live stills, and video footage. Set in Shibuya, Tokyo, the game follows five main characters who must each work together to solve a mystery in 10 hours. But the problem is that these characters each act separately without knowing each other.

While the main characters each follow their own side stories, their actions directly affect the other characters. This means the player will have to switch between characters and figure out how each choice will affect the others. Since each character has their own plot and choices, there are hundreds of different paths and 87 possible endings.

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Pokemon Legends Arceus Crafting Resources

Pokémon Legends: Arceus Gameplay Shows off Resource Gathering and Crafting

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CONCLUSION 1-Football-Morocco reaches the round of 16, Ghana hopes in peril at the Nations Cup https://dhinc.org/conclusion-1-football-morocco-reaches-the-round-of-16-ghana-hopes-in-peril-at-the-nations-cup/ Fri, 14 Jan 2022 22:31:36 +0000 https://dhinc.org/conclusion-1-football-morocco-reaches-the-round-of-16-ghana-hopes-in-peril-at-the-nations-cup/

Morocco have booked a place in the round of 16 of the Africa Cup of Nations while Gabon, Guinea and Senegal are also likely to qualify, but four-time champions Ghana are in danger of being eliminated soon after the four Friday matches at the tournament in Cameroon.

Morocco beat Comoros Islands nL1N2TU203 2-0 for a second win and top spot in Group C with six points, followed by Gabon with four after scoring a late equalizer to hold Ghana 1-1 nL1N2TU2PX in the second match in Yaounde. Jim Allevinah’s 88th-minute strike is almost certain to see Gabon through, if not as one of the top two in the group, but as one of the best four thirds in the six groups.

But Ghana are in one point danger and must beat Comoros in their final group game in Garoua on Tuesday to have any chance of advancing as they seek their first title in 40 years. The match ended in a disreputable punch after being littered with insignificant fouls with Ghana’s Benjamin Tetteh sent off for a savage punch thrown in the post-match fracas.

Gabon’s point was wildly celebrated by their side and made even sweeter by the refusal of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) before the game to let their captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang participate, even though he was training in the day before the shock after being released. of the COVID-19 quarantine. “According to the CAF Medical Committee, players Pierre Emerick Aubameyang, Axel Meye and Mario Lemina, who have just come out of COVID isolation, cannot take part in this match. Medical examinations show heart damage and CAF did not want to take any risks,” the Gabonese Football Federation tweeted https://twitter.com/fegafoot_gabon/status/1482058220382429187?s=20.

GUEYE SUSPENDED Earlier in Bafoussam, Guinea and Senegal played out a nL1N2TU1HD 0-0 draw to stay neck and neck at the top of Group B with four points.

Senegal coach Aliou Cisse later said he had to remove midfielder Papa Gueye from the starting line-up on FIFA’s orders. “Pape Gueye had an administrative problem just before the match kicked off. Five minutes before, we were informed that FIFA had suspended him for a transfer between his club, Marseille, and Watford,” Cisse told reporters.

“His lawyer informed us this morning around 11 a.m., but just before the game we had confirmation. That’s why we took him off the team sheet.” Senegal were already without 10 players in the COVID-19 lockdown and their depleted resources resulted in a disappointing performance.

Frank Mhango scored twice as Malawi came from behind to beat Zimbabwe 2-1 nL1N2TU1ZP in the other Group B game and also lined up for a place in the last 16. On Saturday, Nigeria take on Sudan and Egypt take on Guinea Bissau in Group D in Garoua.

(This story has not been edited by the Devdiscourse team and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)

Playtika’s Caesars Slots Kicks Off a Month of Incredible Events to Celebrate Mobile Gaming’s 10th Anniversary https://dhinc.org/playtikas-caesars-slots-kicks-off-a-month-of-incredible-events-to-celebrate-mobile-gamings-10th-anniversary/ Fri, 14 Jan 2022 12:51:00 +0000 https://dhinc.org/playtikas-caesars-slots-kicks-off-a-month-of-incredible-events-to-celebrate-mobile-gamings-10th-anniversary/

A decade of continuous growth!

The launch and growth of Caesars Slots has occurred in a tough and increasingly competitive market that typically sees users abandoning their apps within three days**. Against this, the game has managed to achieve longevity through the regular release of cutting-edge features and entertainment along with a strong commitment to its loyal users and customers.

A focus on constantly improving the player experience and creating a global community of players dedicated to the games are key to the success of Caesars Slots.

New features throughout the celebration

To mark the anniversary festivities, Caesars Slots players will receive personalized videos, including a ‘Highlights Reel’ video featuring highlights from when they downloaded the app until today. Along the same lines, an exciting quest will turn players into “real world travelers” by showing them highlights of the game’s developments since 2012.

A special “Cheers to the Next Decade” theme will also be revealed alongside 10 days of virtual giveaways – one for each year in Caesars Slots’ next decade. The game will also feature a new card collection, custom features, birthday pet accessories, and a new birthday room in its Fortune Palace.

All Caesars Slots players will also be able to enjoy a festive new look of the game thanks to a temporary design, “Road to the Empire”, including a number of new features such as the ability for players to change the appearance of machines according to their “luckiest looks”!

Liran Paz, CEO of Caesars Slots said: “Achieving ten years of success with Caesars Slots is a significant milestone for both our team and our loyal global community of players, without which this longevity would not be possible. A decade of growth is the result of prioritizing entertainment players, the Caesars way, and never ceasing to innovate and surprise. We are thrilled to be able to celebrate this great journey with our players throughout January, sharing memories together as well as the excitement of new things to come. Our lives need play, especially during difficult times, and as part of the Playtika family, we look forward to another decade of joy, play and entertainment in the daily lives of people !”

About Caesars Slots

Caesars Slots is one of the best free social casino games in the world*, with hundreds of thousands of daily players across multiple platforms***. It can be downloaded for free from the App store and google play.

The Caesars brand is licensed to Playtika by Caesars Entertainment.

About Playtika Holding Corp.

Playtika Holding Corp. is a leading mobile game company with over 35 million monthly active users across a portfolio of game titles. Founded in 2010, Playtika was among the first to offer free social games on social networks and, soon after, on mobile platforms. Based in Herzliya, Israel, and guided by a mission to entertain the world through Infinite Ways to Play™, Playtika has 20 offices worldwide, including Tel Aviv, London, Berlin, Vienna, helsinki, Montreal, Chicago, Vegas, Santa Monica, Newport Beach, sydney, Kyiv, Bucharest, Minsk, Dnepr, Vinnytsia, Lausanne, and Warsaw.

*According to AppAnnie, In December 2021, Caesars Slots was #4 Most downloaded Worldwide slots game on iOS and Google Play combined.


***Based on AppAnnie Data


Ciryl Gane compares Francis Ngannou to the video game “Final Boss” https://dhinc.org/ciryl-gane-compares-francis-ngannou-to-the-video-game-final-boss/ Thu, 13 Jan 2022 23:00:00 +0000 https://dhinc.org/ciryl-gane-compares-francis-ngannou-to-the-video-game-final-boss/

Ciryl Gane is looking to beat the UFC “game”.

Recently, we had a UFC champion in Charles Oliveira crowned after a long and hard-fought road in the UFC. Ciryl Gane is not like that. He only has seven fights in the UFC, but he made them all count.

Now he’s gearing up to fight for his first undisputed UFC title against a familiar foe, his former sparring partner and reigning heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou. Gane is aware that this fight with Ngannou is the most important of his career, and the way he looks at it could win him the UFC “game” in some way.

“For me, yes, it’s (Ngannou’s fight) different from Derrick Lewis (at UFC 265), not because it’s Francis, but because he’s the champion, you see”, a explained Gane on The MMA Hour. “And the champion is a very big fighter, with a lot of strength. I like to say it’s the ‘final boss’ (like in my) video games [LAUGHS]. It looks a bit like that. So yes, this time, like always, if I make a mistake, it will be fine, if I make a mistake. If I lose, I’m really okay with that. Like every fight in my career, it’s been like that, but this time I want to take the last step, you see, that’s why it’s a little bit different.

If Gane is feeling any pressure heading into UFC 270, he’s hiding it well. He has already proven himself to be one of the best heavyweights in the sport as he now holds the interim belt. He and his trainer Fernand Lopez are very familiar with Ngannou and his fighting style. They all trained together for a while before Ngannou left. Lopez has spoken several times about how they know Ngannou’s tendencies and are ready for his fighting style.

Gane has yet to lose in his career. He burst onto the UFC scene just three years ago and has been turning heads ever since. If he can beat Ngannou and claim the heavyweight strap, it won’t be the end of this ‘game’. In fact, Gane might find himself in an “assassination row” of fighters waiting to try his hand at the new boss. Former champion Stipe Miocic and former light heavyweight champion Jon Jones await the champion backstage on January 23.

Who do you think will win and become the UFC’s ‘final boss’ at heavyweight on Jan. 22, Francis Ngannou or Ciryl Gane?

Leaked screenshots of Armored Core 6, Elden Ring creator involved https://dhinc.org/leaked-screenshots-of-armored-core-6-elden-ring-creator-involved/ Thu, 13 Jan 2022 10:57:51 +0000 https://dhinc.org/leaked-screenshots-of-armored-core-6-elden-ring-creator-involved/ A set of screenshots leaked on Reset Era point to an unannounced Armored Core game. The description details a sci-fi world created by Hidetaka Miyazaki, who is also responsible for the Dark souls franchise and the next Ancient ring Game.

The information is courtesy of user Red Liquorice, who posted a synopsis and a series of watermarked screenshots of the game. It turns out that developer FromSoftware was handing out consumer surveys for the new installment, which also appeared to contain two 30-second clips of gameplay.

“I just completed a consumer survey on a new Armored Core game with a description, screenshots and two 30-second gameplay videos – the first a boss fight and the second more gameplay in the world, an area of ​​snow. ” he said.

Despite being a series based on mecha bots, Armored Core 6 appears to incorporate elements of politics, cult activity, and business. The plot revolves mainly around an unknown substance called Melange, which could significantly advance human society. Similar to the epic Dune (book / movie), the groups then fight for control of the substance.

According to the description, the game features a “massive three-dimensional map” and an array of challenging enemies with replay value. Mechas will be equipped with firearms, as well as melee combat weapons such as shields and blades. Upgrades are also included with options that oscillate between close-range and long-range combat styles.

The screenshots, themselves, have been heavily edited to remove watermarks with a unique identifier. “I also captured them, but they have an identity watermark, so they are tired of publishing them. The video was streamed and watermarked, so I couldn’t record it even if I wanted to, ”Red Liquorice said.

The images highlight some aspects of the dystopian world, armored vehicles, and boss fights that seem heavily inspired by like souls Games. Miyazaki’s involvement could also indicate a change in direction from the game’s standard shooter since Armored Core V, released in 2012. As to whether this is true, only time will tell.

A few months ago, FromSoftware had published a technical sheet containing details on console and Windows PC compatibility for Elden Ring, each offering different settings and overall performance. The game is slated for release on February 25 on current and next-gen consoles and Steam.

Top 5 Most Traded Metaverse Cryptocurrencies Today (January 12) – The VR Soldier https://dhinc.org/top-5-most-traded-metaverse-cryptocurrencies-today-january-12-the-vr-soldier/ Thu, 13 Jan 2022 00:48:15 +0000 https://dhinc.org/top-5-most-traded-metaverse-cryptocurrencies-today-january-12-the-vr-soldier/

Metaverse cryptocurrencies are prevalent among traders in 2022, with a combined transaction volume of over $ 5.1 billion in the past 24 hours. This article takes a look at the five most traded Metaverse crypto coins today, ranked by trading volume, from low to high.

# 5 Enjin Coin (ENJ) – $ 243 million

Enjin is a blockchain for users to create custom NFTs and has established itself as one of the leading blockchains for Metaverse projects. Enjin has a popular mobile app with over 1.7 million installs.

The Enjin ecosystem offers features for individuals, businesses and developers. Enjin makes it easy for individuals to explore the Metaverse with carefully designed products to help manage NFTs and Cryptocurrencies. Enjin’s end-to-end solution enables businesses to use NFTs to grow their brands for businesses.

Finally, for developers, Enjin provides a versatile SDK and a robust API for developing NFT-based projects; no blockchain coding experience is required.

Enjin’s latest business in the metaverse includes its Efinity blockchain, built from the ground up to provide an ecosystem for consumers and developers to exchange NFT items.

We’re starting to see some great apps developing on Enjin, including Age of Rust, with a first-person adventure game that allows users to collect in-game NFTs to solve puzzles.

Enjin is worth watching in 2022 as its platform and ecosystem continues to grow. In addition, the integration of Enijn into the Polkadot network only strengthens the long-term feeling of both projects.

You can buy ENJ on Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin, Kraken, etc.

# 4 Axie Infinity (AXS) – $ 323M

Axie Infinity is one of the most popular Metaverse crypto coins on the market. It features a game world filled with Axies, Pokemon-inspired creatures that users can collect and upgrade. The object of the game is to raise, collect and build kingdoms for their Axies and increase their wealth.

Various game modes are available, many of which pit players against each other using multiple strategies and tactics to reach the leaderboards. Additionally, players can complete quests, defeat bosses, and unlock detailed scenarios.

Axie Infinity was initially built on the Ethereum blockchain, but the team is developing a unique blockchain called Ronin that was developed specifically to accommodate the game’s high user base and transaction volume.

In the latest news, Axie Infinity announced plans to reduce the supply of one of its SLP tokens, which is among the largest numbers of Metaverse cryptocurrency holders.

As such, traders should not be surprised to see bullish momentum for the SLP token in the coming months.

There are reports of users earning a living wage just by playing Axie Infinity, and the project has some of the highest community support when it comes to crypto. Even with an insanely high valuation of $ 4.7 billion, AXS could easily see a further increase in value as the general public joins its metaverse.

Additionally, with the Axie Infinity team actively working to reduce the supply of SLP, it’s worth keeping an eye on the price of Smooth Love Potion in the months to come.

You can buy AXS on Binance, KuCoin, Gemini, Coinbase, etc.

You can buy SLP on Binance, KuCoin, FTX, Gemini, Crypto.com, and more.

# 3 Décentraland (MANA) – $ 323 M

Decentraland is the pioneer of 3D Metaverse experiences, with the most popular blockchain-based platform on the market. Decentraland is open to anyone to explore using just a browser and wallet like MetaMask.

Decentraland is built on the Ethereum blockchain and features the MANA token, which is used as the native currency on the platform. Users can buy plots of land from Decentraland and monetize them to earn passive income. However, keep in mind that LAND prices are currently astronomical and cost over $ 10,000.

One of Decentraland’s most popular activities right now is playing poker in its virtual casino. Decentral Games has built a casino in the Decentraland metaverse, allowing users to win real money at certain free gaming tables.

Decentraland has some of the fastest growing ecosystems on the market, and while its graphics are somewhat outdated, it is king when it comes to utility and user base.

As Decentraland continues to develop its ecosystem, there is no shortage of contests and giveaways for new users. Today Parcel announced its giveaway for its Palace structure that users can use in Decentraland. To participate, be sure to check out the Tweet below:

As the leader in Metaverse crypto coins, Decentraland is my favorite because it has the most utility. Even though the graphics may be out of date, it wouldn’t be that difficult for Decentraland to release a graphics update in the future or for users to create graphics packs similar to how GTA and Minecraft fans did. HD graphics upgrades.

Decentralnad is still in its infancy, and even though its market cap is in the multibillion dollar range, MANA could easily 2X-3X in 2022.

You can buy MANA on Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin, FTX, etc.

# 2 The Sandbox (SAND) – $ 1.13 billion

The sandbox is one of the most anticipated projects of this year. After a successful alpha in December 2021, The Sandbox captured the attention of consumers. Additionally, there have been reports of retail investors betting on The Sandbox’s future, making it a great long-term catch for 2022 and beyond.

What makes The Sandbox unique is that it has much higher quality graphics than any of its competition. Plus, since users have to download a desktop client to play The Sandbox, the experience and immersion is much better than just the browser experience.

In the latest news, we saw Snoop Dogg announce the development of the Snoopverse in The Sandbox. Soon after, a collector named P-Ape purchased land in The Snoopverse for over $ 450,000.

In other news, The Sandbox is gearing up for another land sale on January 13, so if you missed your chance to buy land, it’s tomorrow.

There will be a total of 61 LAND, 95 LAND Preium and 7 DOMAINS available for purchase.

The sandbox currently enjoys a valuation of $ 4.7 billion, making it the third largest Metaverse crypto coin on the market. The SAND ecosystem is still in its infancy, and while the current valuation appears high, once their metaverse opens to the public, the influx of users could quickly push SAND to a new all-time high.

You can buy SAND on Binance, KuCoin, Uniswap, FTX, Gemini, and more.

# 1 WEMIX (WEMIX) – $ 1.16 billion

Today, the most traded Metaverse crypto coin is WEMIX, a custom blockchain project made by South Korean gaming platform WEMADE. The WEMIX network offers various blockchain games to be won with one of the most robust platforms on the market.

WEMIX’s blockchain solves the problem of low transaction throughput and high fees, making it perfect for blockchain-based games. WEMIX uses a mix of private and public blockchain functions, linking them to intermediary chains under a hybrid structure.

Currently, WEMIX offers various services in addition to its selection of blockchain-based games. The WEMIX Wallet allows users to store their tokens on mobile and desktop devices. There is scope, WEMIX’s custom block explorer. Finally, the project recently added WEMIX Auction, an NFT marketplace that allows users to access various items using WEMIX tokens.

WEMIX offers some of the best game selections on its platform and its utility for the token continues to grow. With the hype surrounding this project and the speed at which the team continues to expand their ecosystem, WEMIX makes for a great project to watch in 2022.

You can buy WEMIX on Bithumb, Gate.io, Coinone, Upbit, etc.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying a cryptocurrency.

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Image source: wanpatsorn / Shutterstock.com

PUBG player count almost doubles on Steam after free game launches https://dhinc.org/pubg-player-count-almost-doubles-on-steam-after-free-game-launches/ Wed, 12 Jan 2022 19:16:17 +0000 https://dhinc.org/pubg-player-count-almost-doubles-on-steam-after-free-game-launches/

the PUBG the number of players practically doubled overnight. The reason is simple: the PUBG The free version has proven to be extremely popular.

PUBG is undoubtedly one of the games that sparked the modern Battle Royale craze, but it hasn’t seen the same success as its contemporaries in recent years. Although it has sold over 70 million units, the original creator of the game, Brendan Green, left to start his own business and the PUBG player numbers have remained relatively stable over the past year (at least on Steam).

It was ready to change when PUBG announced that he was play free-to-play last month. That day has finally arrived, and it shows – the PUBG the number of players practically doubled overnight.

the PUBG player numbers have remained relatively stable over the past year until the recent launch of free-to-play. (Graphic credit: Steam Graphics)

the PUBG The number of players is increasing, but will it last?

Like Steam Graphics watch (via Reddit), the PUBG The number of players on Steam has risen from a high of 363,839 yesterday to a high of 667,399 players, an increase of 83.4% in a single day. The reason for this spike is surely due to the recent PUBG free version.

Interestingly, the developers hosted a free event in August 2021 that barely moved the needle on player count. It looks like the full free version has sparked a much higher level of curiosity among gamers – especially knowing that they won’t have to purchase the game after a free weekend ends. It should be noted, however, that the free version cannot access the ranked game; which requires a one-time purchase of $ 12.99.

The highest PUBG The number of players has also led to an increase in Steam reviews, of which around 3,000 are positive and 4,000 negative. Recent reviews before the release of free-to-play have been slightly more positive than not, so it seems there is some pessimism about the launch of free-to-play, both from gamers. previous players or new players who don’t quite find their cup of tea. .

The larger game population is certainly impressive, but the only big question is, can we PUBG maintain these numbers of players in the long term? Having nearly 700,000 players on Steam is impressive, but it’s paltry compared to the game’s all-time peak of 3,236,027 players in December 2017. Now it’s up to the developers to continue delivering a compelling experience. You can player PUBG free on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Google Stadia via its official website.

What do you think of the PUBG free version? Do you think this will lead to permanent growth in the number of players? Let us know in the comments below!

Dismissal confirmed for police who played Pokémon video game during heist https://dhinc.org/dismissal-confirmed-for-police-who-played-pokemon-video-game-during-heist/ Tue, 11 Jan 2022 21:19:23 +0000 https://dhinc.org/dismissal-confirmed-for-police-who-played-pokemon-video-game-during-heist/

A court upheld the firing of two police officers for playing video games instead of chasing criminals. Photo / 123RF

A U.S. appeals court ruled that two Los Angeles police officers were fired for playing Pokémon Go instead of responding to a robbery.

The California court ruled on Friday that the LAPD was justified in firing Louis Lozano and Eric Mitchell for misconduct in 2017, the Sacramento Bee reported on Monday.

On April 15, 2017, a video system in their patrol car captured the officers discussing how to catch a Snorlax and trying to capture the rare Tegetic in-game while ignoring a report from several people who were stealing. a Macy’s in the Crenshaw area, according to the ruling.

A police captain who arrived at the scene saw another patrol car parked nearby and wondered why the police had not responded and responded himself, according to court documents.

Officers claimed they did not hear the backup radio request, but on the patrol car’s tapes they were overheard discussing whether to respond and Lozano could be heard saying: “Ah, shit,” according to court documents.

The officers are then heard for the next 20 minutes discussing the GPS-based augmented reality cell phone game Pokémon and traveling to various locations to “capture” virtual creatures, according to the documents.

Snorlax, one of the Pokémon the officers were chasing.  Photo / Supplied
Snorlax, one of the Pokémon the officers were chasing. Photo / Supplied

Court documents show that shortly after officers were asked to respond to the theft, Mitchell alerted Lozano that Snorlax “had just appeared.”

The court reported: “After Mitchell apparently caught the Snorlax – exclaiming, ‘I have them’ – the petitioners agreed to ‘take the Togetic’ and left.

“When their car stopped again, the [digital in-car video system] Mitchell recorded saying, ‘Don’t run away. Don’t run away, ”while Lozano described how he“ buried and ultra-balled ”the Togetic before announcing,“ I got it.

“Mitchell said he was'[s]until I try to catch it, ”adding,“ Holy shit, man. This thing is fighting against me. Finally, Mitchell exclaimed, ‘Holy Crap. Finally, “apparently in reference to the Togetic’s capture.”

The video also saw Mitchell say to his partner, “The […] guys are going to be so jealous. “

They were fired after a police rights board unanimously ruled that the two officers had “unprofessional and embarrassing” misconduct and violated public confidence.

The agents asked a court to overturn their dismissals, arguing among other things that the tapes of their private conversations had been abused as evidence but the judge of the Superior Court rejected their request. The Court of Appeal upheld this decision.

– Associated Press, additional reporting, NZ Herald

Mobil 1 challenges NBA2K players to polish their game with Shanghai Gen. G Tigers https://dhinc.org/mobil-1-challenges-nba2k-players-to-polish-their-game-with-shanghai-gen-g-tigers/ Tue, 11 Jan 2022 14:21:51 +0000 https://dhinc.org/mobil-1-challenges-nba2k-players-to-polish-their-game-with-shanghai-gen-g-tigers/

It was late 2019 when CryptoBoxers, the very first boxing video game with a blockchain-based cryptocurrency ecosystem, announced a projected entry date into the gaming market. Then Covid struck, and the world was sent into an unexpected twelfth round. However, the cryptocurrency emerged from the pandemic, becoming a dominant force, and the CryptoBoxers followed suit, rising ahead of the arbitrator’s final ten-second countdown. Game creator and CEO of Me N Mines Media, Andrew Gilliam has victoriously announced that CryptoBoxers is now entering the fashion ring, with a new CryptoBoxers NFT clothing line, in anticipation of the game’s imminent release date with new features. developed.

CryptoBoxers have been busy planning, tracing and partnering with selected professional boxers to customize NFT packages to be released as the first in a series of sets that include NFT apparel. The first round series includes the former champions Michael spinks , Lamon brewster , Poison Junior Jones, Billy wright , Montell Griffin , Buster douglas and champion boxer Tracy Byrd . Current champions and contenders include Austin Trout, Alexandre franck , Carlos Takam, Helen Joseph, Yoselin Fernandez, Chevelle Hallback, Oxiandia Castillo, Yahu Blackwell, Evander Castillo, Jean Carlos Vargas, WBC heavyweight champion Danielle Perkins , and their first NFT referee, the legendary Tony weeks .

Using the latest technology, each boxer sends images to the CryptoBoxers team. The images are then transformed into singular, explosive, altered patterns and transposed onto hoodies, long sleeves and t-shirts. The boxer’s clothing is then tied to them as an opportunity for additional branding in the digital space while tapping into the crypto commodity market. The CryptoBoxers NFT clothing line is already expanding into other areas, while active professional boxers are currently wearing their model in the ring by wearing their NFT wardrobe gear for the fighter’s corner, press conferences and events. weighings. Merchandise is currently priced at 1000% discount for a time limited to https://crypto-boxers.myshopify.com/ with the official CryptoBoxers NFT platform expected to launch later this year.

Creating sources of income for athletes in difficulty has always been Andrew Gilliam’s plan when he first considered CryptoBoxers in 2018. A hip-hop historian with an online marketing background, Gilliam has over two decades of experience in his field. “With CryptoBoxers, any professional boxer can earn extra income regardless of whether they are active or not, whether or not they have social media. Our vision for the expanded NFT platform is expected to add millions to the sport of boxing by outside the ring while allowing fans to connect and feel the true presence of each boxer, ”notes Gilliam.

“We envision this part of what we can fully offer as a hybrid version of EA Sports. Instead of our company and our staff lining their pockets, we first partner with them, the athlete, then we monetize with them, to create and give them passive income that increases with minimal involvement. Our NFT clothing starts on round one. Beyond just playing, income is created with every opportunity offered by the digital world ” , says Gilliam.

CryptoBoxers is an element of diversification that will transform the boxing and gaming markets, eventually expanding and evolving beyond boxing to include all combat sports. CryptoBoxers aims to be the leading platform for uplifting the community of aspiring combat sports athletes and their fans, empowering people of color and disenfranchised groups. Using cutting-edge technology, innovative business models, and a more fair and engaging experience, CryptoBoxers’ championship belt disrupts the status quo and generates untapped market potential.

Check out the CryptoBoxers promo at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8m0PDbTH0Ww.

For ringside tickets, go to https://linktr.ee/cryptoboxers.

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Jazzmyne Public Relations

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Cricket-Taylor final test seals New Zealand victory https://dhinc.org/cricket-taylor-final-test-seals-new-zealand-victory/ Tue, 11 Jan 2022 06:38:50 +0000 https://dhinc.org/cricket-taylor-final-test-seals-new-zealand-victory/

Ross Taylor won Bangladesh’s final wicket in his final act of testing cricket to seal New Zealand’s playoff victory by one set and 117 points in Tuesday’s second and final match.

New Zealand’s decision to call a call denied Taylor, who made 28 in his first reported 521-6 total, the chance to strike again. Bangladesh scored 126 in the opening innings and were 278-9 in the final session of Matchday 3 when New Zealand skipper Tom Latham threw the ball at Taylor.

The part-time spinner sent two point balls before inducing a skyer from Ebadot Hossain and Latham took a fall in the middle of the wicket to secure a winning farewell to the former New Zealand captain. The margin of victory could have been greater without Liton Das’ 102 counterattack for Bangladesh, which shocked the world champions https://www.reuters.com/article/cricket-test-nzl-bgd-idINL4N2TK3I2 opening match tests at Mount Maunganui.

“It’s a great way to end,” said Taylor, New Zealand’s most prolific test hitter with 7,683 runs, including 19 hundred, in 112 games with an average of 44.66. “I wanted to end with a win and the guys definitely gave it to me.

“It was an emotional game for me and my family… it was good to get the victory,” added the 37-year-old, who will play his last limited international matches against Australia and the Netherlands during summer at home. With their surprise eight-wicket loss in the opening test, New Zealand called for a follow-up before their seamers secured the victory.

“The bowlers did a hell of a good job on a tiring wicket,” said Latham. “Ross Taylor got up and took the last wicket. He’s been there 17 years… has been such an important member of the group.”

Latham, whose 252 earned him the man of the match title, managed a superb catch on the second slip to clear Mohammad Naim as Bangladesh began to crumble. Neil Wagner put the Tourists’ batsmen through a bouncer barrage and was awarded with numbers 3-77, while Kyle Jamieson claimed 4-82.

Bangladesh captain Mominul Haque (37) and Nurul Hasan (36) couldn’t convert their starts to big shots, but Liton scored freely to bring his second try out of a hundred to 106 balls. “I’m really happy with the first test, but the second test was disappointing,” said Mominul.

Devon Conway was named man of the series for smashing two hundred in three innings.

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