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There are few things more pervasive in modern sci-fi video games than evil corporations. From ruthless businessmen who don’t care about their employees and will kill thousands to save just a few dollars, to collections of evil scientists turning their genius to profit, the number of evil organizations that do evil in the name of profitability has increased exponentially in recent years.

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As that number grows, their actions have become darker and more unethical to set themselves apart from their competition. From surface mining planets, to experimenting on children, to kidnapping people to steal their DNA, these companies are ruthless in the pursuit of their goals and are often a law in themselves. But there is an advantage to this relentless darkness and evil – it makes them much more satisfying to take down.

The Umbrella Corporation – Resident Evil

Welcome to Raccoon City - Home of Umbrella Coroporation

Arguably the trope encoder for evil corporations in video games, Resident Evil’s Umbrella Corporation is one of the most despicable entities on this list. Impersonating a benevolent pharmaceutical company, with charitable endeavors such as funding an orphanage, this pro-PR image is actually a front for the company’s true business: creating experimental biological weapons and on measure. Whether it’s an armed zombie plague or super mutants, if you want something dangerous and unethical, Umbrella is the place to be.

Umbrella’s crimes are many and varied and include everything from experimenting with children to harnessing the zombie crisis they (arguably) started. If that’s not enough, the company harnesses its own private military force and makes a deal with the mayor of Racoon City to turn a blind eye to their shady deals. Even after the company’s decline following the destruction of Racoon City, replicas of their actions continued to ravage the world for many years, and it is often easy to find a reference to them in the many Resident Evil games that have been published over the years.

Hyperion – Borderlands

Borderlands 2 Hyperion Military Parade

The Borderlands series has no shortage of evil mega-corporations to choose from, all of which have done some pretty despicable things. But whoever wins the cake is Hyperion, the company run by Borderlands 2 antagonist Handsome Jack. Hyperion is shockingly, almost comically evil, taking over the planet Pandora with the intention of killing all of its inhabitants and exploiting it for resources. Hyperion executives also attempted to gain access to one of the vaults on the planet, which could have had dire consequences, and even went so far as to commit genocide and torture to further their goals.

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Even after Handsome Jack’s death at the end of Borderlands 2, Hyperion continues to be a dangerously evil entity. Tales From The Borderlands shows Hyperion employees are frequently ‘let down’, being thrown out of airlocks, as senior management engages in often fatal battles to prove themselves as the true successors of Handsome’s legacy. Jack. They also greet each other by shooting people with guns. Urgh.

Abstergo Industries – Assassin’s Creed

Abstergo Industries logo

Despite the fact that the majority of all games in the Assassin’s Creed series will take place in the distant past, the game’s modern framing device features its own evil mega-corporation; Abstergo Industries. The company (which has many different branches, including Abstergo Entertainment) is actually a front for the Templars, a fascist order that dates back to before the Crusades.

Abstergo’s various crimes include the kidnapping of people to harvest their genetic memories, as was done with the initial series protagonist Desmond Miles, as well as the exploitation of several paramilitary strike teams, which are used to eliminate anyone who hinders their goals, with the business controlling the world in secret for many years. Meanwhile, video games created by Abstergo Entertainment are used as propaganda by the Templars to demonize their enemy Assassins.

Vault-Tec – Fallout

While Fallout’s post-apocalyptic setting contains no companies at the time the games are set, Vault-tec, which created the vaults in which the majority of humanity survived the nuclear apocalypse, is a classic example. of a society profiting from tragedy. While Vault-Tec vaults were touted as stand-alone nuclear fallout shelters, in reality many of them were designed as cruel social experiments.

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Of the 300 or so safes manufactured by Vault-Tec, only 17 of them were “control” safes, where the quality of life was as advertised; shelter from the nuclear apocalypse. The rest were incredibly cruel experiences. The main door of one of the vaults was not closing properly, which irradiated the inhabitants. Another chest contained only one human occupant, his only company being a box of puppets. One of the vaults functioned similarly to Shirley Jackson’s story “The Lottery”, where a member of the population was to be killed each year. What makes all of this particularly cruel is that vaults were never designed to protect anyone, as the US government and Vault-Tec never believed war would happen. If they had, well, maybe others could have survived.

Shinra – Final Fantasy 7

Shinra company logo and boss

The Shinra Power Company is one of the most gruesome examples of an evil corporation in video games, primarily due to the banality of their evil deeds. In a game that features elements as bizarre as giant robots, party members including men with hand guns and a tiger dog thing, and swords the size of an average motorcycle , Shinra stands out for how much it looks like something taken from the real world.

As an energy company, Shinra is responsible for bringing the world to ruin in Final Fantasy 7, with the company literally draining life from the planet to provide energy. Shinra also has a private army which they use to crush resistance to their plans and goes so far as to use alien DNA to create super soldiers, including the incredibly evil Sephiroth.

UAC – Doom

Samuel Hayden of Doom 2016 greets the Doom Slayer in front of screens displaying the UAC logo

Another energy company, UAC, decided that the best way to provide unlimited energy to the inhabitants of Earth was to go to Mars and build a portal to hell, drawing energy from it. of the. While the company’s motivation for it is pretty good, and UAC has been portrayed positively in many Doom games, that portrayal was dropped in the 2016 reboot, where it turns out that almost all of the high leadership of the company turned to the cult of demons.

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The evil actions of UAC in this new timeline are far reaching and include both worldly and more mystical evils. Some employees are used as sacrifices to summon demons, while others are encouraged to sacrifice their souls or be branded with a pentagram to show their loyalty to their new demonic masters. But undoubtedly the most perverse act of the enterprise is to institute a seven-day work week; even demonic hosts should have weekends off.

Aperture Science – Portal

Opening science logo

Anytime the founder of a business is described as “eccentric,” there’s a good chance the business will collapse, at least to some extent. Portal’s Aperture Science is no exception. Founded by Cave Johnson, the company based most of its experiences on his often… unorthodox ideas. It ended up getting worse after Johnson contracted lead poisoning and became more eccentric, and Aperture began hemorrhaging money as he indulged his whims.

Test subjects for Aperture’s experiments began to slowly decline in quality as the money ran out, with the company eventually having to use its own employees as test subjects. This all came to a head when the AI ​​GLaDOS was created; she took control of the company’s main research center and slaughtered everyone inside, turning it into the world’s deadliest escape room. All the remaining employees now had to appease his whims, with the company trading one evil boss for another.

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Nintendo promises it’s trying to improve the durability of Joy-Con

Said wear and tear is “inevitable”.

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Netflix announces That ’70s Show That’ 90s Show spin-off https://dhinc.org/netflix-announces-that-70s-show-that-90s-show-spin-off/ https://dhinc.org/netflix-announces-that-70s-show-that-90s-show-spin-off/#respond Sat, 09 Oct 2021 07:14:30 +0000 https://dhinc.org/netflix-announces-that-70s-show-that-90s-show-spin-off/

Netflix has announced a spin-off of That ’70s Show called That’ 90s Show.

The sitcom followed the lives of teenage friends in a fictional Wisconsin town, and its cast included Topher Grace, Mila Kunis, and Ashton Kutcher.

It originally ran from 1998 to 2006.

Mila Kunis starred in That ’70s Show, which gets a Netflix spin-off (Ian West / PA)

The spin-off will be overseen by original series creators Bonnie Turner and Terry Turner, while actors Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp are also returning.

The two stars will serve as executive producers, Netflix said.

This’ 90s show is set in Wisconsin in 1995 and follows Leia, daughter of Eric de Grace and Donna of Laura Prepon.

She bonds with a new generation of Point Place youth under the watchful eyes of Rupp’s Kitty and Smith’s Red.

This’ 90s show will be a 10-episode series, Netflix said.

This 70s show launched the careers of its young actors, who have had varying degrees of success in Hollywood.

Kutcher, 43, and Kunis, 38, have become major stars and are now married and have two children together.

It also starred Danny Masterson, Wilmer Valderrama and Lisa Robin Kelly.

Masterson, 45, is currently awaiting trial on rape allegations in Los Angeles.

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Netherlands and Germany fight to win WCup qualifiers https://dhinc.org/netherlands-and-germany-fight-to-win-wcup-qualifiers/ https://dhinc.org/netherlands-and-germany-fight-to-win-wcup-qualifiers/#respond Sat, 09 Oct 2021 04:09:39 +0000 https://dhinc.org/netherlands-and-germany-fight-to-win-wcup-qualifiers/

The Netherlands regain control of their World Cup qualifying group but are hardly convincing.

A 1-0 victory over Latvia with a Davy Klaassen volley didn’t look like Turkey’s 6-1 teardown last month. Still, that was enough to forge a two-point lead at the top of European Group G as second-placed Norway striker Erling Haaland drew 1-1 against Turkey.

Other great teams also had to work for their victories. Germany lost a goal before recovering to beat Romania 2-1. 2018 World Cup finalists Croatia were just one goal ahead of Cyprus with 11 minutes remaining before winning 3-0.

Only the group winners qualify directly for the World Cup. The second face an elimination.

GROUP E Belgium are very busy with the four Nations League finals this week, so the focus has been on the Czech Republic and Wales fighting for second place.

The Czechs and Welsh remain tied with eight points each – half of the Belgians’ total – after a tense 2-2 draw on Friday. Aaron Ramsey put Wales ahead in the 36th minute, but Jakub Pesek responded almost immediately by equalizing for the Czechs. The hosts took the lead when Welsh goalkeeper Danny Ward failed to control the ball and scored an own goal, but Daniel James fought back to tie the score for Wales. Estonia beat Belarus 2-0.

GROUP G The Netherlands’ victory over Latvia, sealed by the eighth international goal from midfielder Klassen, strengthened the Dutch lead at the top of the group to move closer to a World Cup return after failing to qualify in 2018.

Kerem Aktürkoğlu put Turkey ahead in the sixth minute of new manager Stefan Kuntz’s opener since joining Germany’s Under-21 squad. Kristian Thorstvedt equalized for Norway just before half-time. The Netherlands are two points ahead of Norway, Turkey two points further. Turkey have won just one of their last seven competitive games, against tiny Gibraltar. Montenegro won in Gibraltar 3-0.

GROUP H Croatia and Russia remained neck and neck at the top of the group in one of the tightest battles in the competition.

Croatia had to wait for stoppages in the first half to gain the advantage thanks to Ivan Perisic’s goal, although the final score of 3-0 suggested a more comfortable result against last-placed Cyprus.

New Russia coach Valery Karpin scored four games unbeaten with a 1-0 win over Slovakia but needed a homeward goal in Kazan from Slovak defender Milan Skriniar. Russia have yet to concede a goal since Karpin took the lead after the European Championship, but that’s only because Slovakia missed a series of good scoring opportunities. Slovenia beat Malta 4-0 to climb to third place in the group.

GROUP J Germany took four wins in four games under new coach Hansi Flick with a 2-1 victory over Romania, but did not do everything they wanted.

Ianis Hagi, son of the great Romanian Gheorghe Hagi, gave Romania the lead before Germany missed a series of chances to equalize. Serge Gnabry finally equalized the Germans with a powerful shot early in the second half – his fifth goal in seven games in the qualifying group – and Thomas Müller scored a second from a corner in the 81st for his 40th international goal.

Flick’s arrival brought Bayern Munich’s large contingent together in the German squad with the coach that led them to win the Champions League in 2020. Both of Friday’s goals and seven of 14 so far under Flick were scored by players he coached at Bayern.

North Macedonia moved from fourth to second with a 4-0 victory over Liechtenstein, and Armenia drew against Iceland 1-1.

(This story was not edited by Devdiscourse staff and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)

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Free co-op horror game Eronoctosis launches Monday https://dhinc.org/free-co-op-horror-game-eronoctosis-launches-monday/ https://dhinc.org/free-co-op-horror-game-eronoctosis-launches-monday/#respond Fri, 08 Oct 2021 21:50:24 +0000 https://dhinc.org/free-co-op-horror-game-eronoctosis-launches-monday/

Eronoctosis was one of the tons of great horror games in today’s independent EEK3 horror showcase. It got to stand out because I’m a real sucker for a high contrast lo-fi color scheme. In addition, I am a fan of cooperation, especially with horror. Eronoctosis: Put Yourself Together seems like a psychological horror about banishing bad guys from inside your own mind. You have to play with a friend, which makes the price of free a very good selling point. You can enter on Monday when it launches for free on Steam.

“Explore the deepest recesses of your mind to pull yourself together. There is meaning to this realm of madness, we must work together to escape,” the developers of Dream Toaster Games say of its story.

Dream Toaster gave Eronoctosis an adults-only rating, by the way, for its “horrible and disturbing monsters. Pixelated genitals. Grim and oppressive atmosphere.” Its trailer didn’t strike me as worse than more realistic gore-y horror trailers, but there’s your warning just in case.

Eronoctosis doesn’t have a standalone trailer, at least not that I’ve found yet, but you can catch it at 6:53 here in the full showcase.

The great thing about Eronocrosis is that it requires cooperation. Even cleaner is that it is slightly asymmetrical in that you and your friend have different roles. One holds the flashlight, while the other carries a camera to conquer nightmares.

I really like games with co-operative shared responsibilities and the communication that they often require. Nothing better than grabbing one of your best friends and trying to grope together for some good co-op, especially when it comes to a scary game.

Eronoctosis originally started out as a jam game, which you can still find on on itching. The new version will be launched for free on Steam this Monday, October 11.

There were tons of other retro and lo-fi inspired horror games from this year’s EEK3 showcase hosted by Haunted ps1. You can see the whole show there in the video.

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A hacked navy warship account broadcasts Age of Empires, evil https://dhinc.org/a-hacked-navy-warship-account-broadcasts-age-of-empires-evil/ https://dhinc.org/a-hacked-navy-warship-account-broadcasts-age-of-empires-evil/#respond Thu, 07 Oct 2021 14:30:00 +0000 https://dhinc.org/a-hacked-navy-warship-account-broadcasts-age-of-empires-evil/

Sales of USS KID warships across the ocean.

Photo: BotMultichillT

The naval warship, the USS KIDD, apparently woke up a day earlier this month and said damn world hegemony, let’s play video games. Or at least the internet troll who hacked into the ship’s Facebook page and started playing Age of empires like an idiot, did.

As first reported by Task and objective (Going through Motherboard), the Facebook account for the USS KIDD – all cool warships have them – started acting really weird earlier this month. “Hahahahaha,” he posted on October 3, alongside a four-hour live broadcast of the original. Age of empires. Some villagers built huts, then spent the next few hours mining gold and chopping wood, in what could be one of the most boring video game streams of all time.

“Someone is teaching this guy how to play,” one of the Facebook comments read. The account continued to stream five more times on October 4, never really making progress in the game. “You gotta get out of the Stone Age man,” another comment read.

“The official USS Kidd (DDG 100) Facebook page has been hacked,” said Navy spokesman Cmdr. Nicole Schwegman, confirmed Task and objective. “We are currently working with Facebook technical support to resolve the issue. “

Four days later, it is still unclear whether the U.S. military regained access to the Destroyer-class ship’s social media page, which it normally uses to send updates on its crew and movements to its 20,000 subscribers. While there was no new Age of empires streams, the account description remains “Gaming Video Creator”.

Of course, the Navy is no stranger to video game streaming. He has everything Twitch Channel dedicated to him, where members play games like Valorant, discuss what it’s like to travel the world and defend the honor of the nation against war crimes charges. It might be time AmericasMarine finally added Microsoft’s 20-year-old RTS to its repertoire.

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Valorant developers respond to new skin pack dubbed “pay to lose” on FPS drops https://dhinc.org/valorant-developers-respond-to-new-skin-pack-dubbed-pay-to-lose-on-fps-drops/ https://dhinc.org/valorant-developers-respond-to-new-skin-pack-dubbed-pay-to-lose-on-fps-drops/#respond Thu, 07 Oct 2021 13:05:58 +0000 https://dhinc.org/valorant-developers-respond-to-new-skin-pack-dubbed-pay-to-lose-on-fps-drops/

The release of the Valorant RGX 11z Pro skin pack with patch 3.07 caused a stir. Dubbed the ‘pay to lose skins’, players experience in-game FPS drops while using the new cosmetics.

Inspired by in-game hardware, the RGX 11z pack is the latest skin to join Valorant’s vast collection.

Including all-new features such as an elimination counter, as well as responsive weapon buddies and color changes on various weapons, the latest pack is the first of its kind.

Although with the arrival of the pack with Valorant patch 3.07, there were some in-game performance issues with skins now labeled “pay to lose” as players experience frame rate drops when playing. they use them.

The announcement of the bundle generated hype in the community, but the release was met with disappointed gamers. Immediately, we saw reports of performance issues pouring in on social media, and a post on Valorant’s subreddit highlighting the issues climbed to the top.

More and more players started pouring in with their experiences, even Valorant pro Shahzeb ‘ShahZaM’ Khan tweeted that he was getting 100 FPS less using the new Vandal skin.

A Riot developer has since responded to the reports, revealing in a Reddit comment that an investigation is underway that will determine if a fix is ​​needed.

“We are investigating the full severity of this and will determine if we fix this issue or release an update in the next fix. We will make sure to communicate what we decide to do.

At this time, there is no ETA on a patch, so players could wait until the next patch on October 19 to take full advantage of the new skins, unless a Riot takes the patch route. We recommend that you do not use in-game skins until performance issues are resolved.

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DnD players can now use the Kingdom Hearts Keyblade as a weapon https://dhinc.org/dnd-players-can-now-use-the-kingdom-hearts-keyblade-as-a-weapon/ https://dhinc.org/dnd-players-can-now-use-the-kingdom-hearts-keyblade-as-a-weapon/#respond Thu, 07 Oct 2021 13:05:09 +0000 https://dhinc.org/dnd-players-can-now-use-the-kingdom-hearts-keyblade-as-a-weapon/

This homebrew version of the weapon, created by Lex Kim Bobrow, allows D&D players to deal damage similar to a large club, open locks, and create portals.

Dungeons & Dragons players who also like Kingdom Hearts Where Super Smash Bros. now have reason to celebrate, as a dedicated fan who recently created stats for the series’ iconic Keyblade.

Shared by indie table game creator and writer Lex Kim Bobrow. this homebrew takes the classic Kingdom Hearts the weapon has stats similar to a +1 greatclub, with some unique twists reminiscent of Kingdom Hearts traditions.

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The Keyblade deals +1 to attack and damage rolls, and also acts as a multipurpose weapon that can be swung with one hand for 1d8 bludgeoning damage, or two-handed for 1d10 damage. Its similarities to the Big Club end there, and its other abilities include Kingdom Key – which allows the weapon to open any non-magical lock – and Traverse Around, which allows anyone wielding a Keyblade to use an action to open a portal in an unoccupied area. space within 15 feet. The portal leads to any plane of existence that the player has studied for at least an hour, and up to six creatures (including the player) can enter it. Once used, this ability takes 1d6 days to recharge.

Kingdom Key and Traverse Around are particularly apt odes to the Keyblade’s abilities in the Kingdom Hearts series. There, the weapons were used to open treasure chests and doors, but also served the superior function of opening and sealing the barriers between the different worlds of the franchise, Disney themed or otherwise. Only Keyblades could be used to lock the locks used to enter these realms, effectively preventing the series’ antagonists – known as Heartless – from descending on each world.

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In a game of Dungeons & Dragons, Bobrow’s version of the Keyblade can serve as an extremely powerful tool, providing effects similar to “Plane Shift” or “Teleport” spells without negative consequences. Instead of traveling between Disney worlds, the weapon could allow parties to move through the different RPG settings, from the Forgotten Realms to the world of Eberron.

The Keyblades debuted in the first Kingdom Hearts game, released in 2002. Sora’s Kingdom Key, the most recognizable weapon in the series, appeared in the character Super Smash Bros. Ultimate first trailer. Sora is the latest DLC character to be released for the beloved fighting game. His inclusion in the series marks a momentous occasion for fans asking for Sora since guest characters from non-Nintendo franchises began appearing in Super Smash Bros.

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Jamie McKelvie variant cover for X-Men # 5

EXCLUSIVE: Jamie McKelvie’s X-Men # 5 blanket offers Fastball special

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54 free paid Android apps and games on Google Play today, October 7 https://dhinc.org/54-free-paid-android-apps-and-games-on-google-play-today-october-7/ https://dhinc.org/54-free-paid-android-apps-and-games-on-google-play-today-october-7/#respond Thu, 07 Oct 2021 10:54:36 +0000 https://dhinc.org/54-free-paid-android-apps-and-games-on-google-play-today-october-7/

Thursday, or ‘Juernes’ as those who are already going to take the opportunity to go out tonight say. We are only one day before the arrival of Friday, and with that the preamble of a weekend which in some communities will be a bridge, since next Tuesday is a national holiday. And if you have an Android mobile, you can download it today Thursday October 7 up to 54 paid apps in the Google Play Store.

Free apps and games for today October 7

Free games and apps include games of different genres -platforms, VR, puzzles, shooters-, photo editing apps, math, widgets, meditation, language learning, and more.

Then we give you the list with links and the price that the app usually has – a list compiled by various websites such as Notengosierto. Some tell you how many more days they’ll be free, others won’t, but the installation is free.

You can see that in the Google Store there are more than 50 free apps today, the reason we put this amount is to follow a criterion. In this case, only those that exceeded approximately one rating were included. 3.5 out of 5 stars:


Source of the article

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Amazon CEO Says Video Games Could Become Biggest Entertainment Company, Tech News News & Top Stories https://dhinc.org/amazon-ceo-says-video-games-could-become-biggest-entertainment-company-tech-news-news-top-stories/ https://dhinc.org/amazon-ceo-says-video-games-could-become-biggest-entertainment-company-tech-news-news-top-stories/#respond Thu, 07 Oct 2021 05:20:00 +0000 https://dhinc.org/amazon-ceo-says-video-games-could-become-biggest-entertainment-company-tech-news-news-top-stories/

NEW YORK (BLOOMBERG) – Amazon.com has long struggled to make a good video game. Now that it finally has a successful release, the company predicts a bright future for the company.

Games could become the biggest category of long-term entertainment, CEO Andy Jassy said on Tuesday (October 5) at a technology conference.

It’s a bold statement for a company with nearly a decade of chess in the game and just renewed its commitment to the film business in the form of a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer acquisition for 8.45 billion dollars (S $ 11.5 billion).

A week ago, Amazon released New World, an online computer game where archers and ax bearers colonize a mythical land.

Mr Jassy said it was a “good start” and had a few million active players per day. Player and viewer interest in Amazon Twitch’s live streaming website has held steady over the past week, and the top four online reviews were generally positive, with an average score of 81% on the Metacritic aggregator website.

Even before Mr. Jassy became CEO in July, he oversaw Amazon’s efforts to break into video games.

The division, which debuted in 2012, has faced years of turmoil. Bloomberg recounted the arduous story journey in January with the headline, “Amazon Can Do Just About Anything – Except A Good Video Game.”

“There were a lot of articles written, people were saying things like, Amazon can make anything except games, why can’t they make games?” Mr Jassy said at the event hosted Tuesday by Seattle tech news site GeekWire.

“It takes a few to find a hit, or more, but they haven’t lost their resolve.”

Amazon released its first major video game title Crucible in May 2020. It met with scathing reviews and the company quickly pulled out. He scrapped Crucible entirely a year ago and reimbursed customers. “You are going to see some games fail spectacularly,” Jassy said.

After the warm welcome from New World, Mr. Jeff Bezos was quick to say it was a victory. “After many failures and setbacks in the game, we have success,” the former CEO tweeted on Friday, three days after his release. “Don’t give up, no matter how hard it gets.”

He then posted a link to the January Bloomberg story that detailed the company’s gaming failures.

While the first signs are encouraging, experts advise caution. “It’s far too early to say it’s a success. It’s not a disaster, you might say,” said David Cole, analyst at DFC Intelligence, which tracks the video game industry. . “It’s not what we think of as a huge game, in the sense that if it wasn’t for Amazon, I don’t think you would pay that much attention to it.”

Critics rate the game as good but not exceptional. “I don’t know if I’m terribly bored or having a good time,” PC Gamer wrote.

Over 77,000 reviews on Steam indicate that player opinions are mixed, although the game has seen an avalanche of negative reviews due to long queues to enter the online world.

As of Tuesday, about a week after its release, New World at one point had over 662,000 people playing at the same time on Steam, making it the best game by number of players. On Twitch, he was watched by hundreds of thousands of people.

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Tennis-Zverev welcomes ATP investigation into abuse allegations https://dhinc.org/tennis-zverev-welcomes-atp-investigation-into-abuse-allegations/ https://dhinc.org/tennis-zverev-welcomes-atp-investigation-into-abuse-allegations/#respond Wed, 06 Oct 2021 22:59:38 +0000 https://dhinc.org/tennis-zverev-welcomes-atp-investigation-into-abuse-allegations/

Alexander Zverev welcomed an ATP investigation into allegations of domestic violence against him, saying on Wednesday it was about time. World number four Zverev’s ex-girlfriend Olga Sharypova said in an interview with online magazine Slate on August 25 that the German had been emotionally and physically abusive towards her during their relationship.

ATP had come under increasing criticism for failing to examine the allegations until the men’s tennis governing body announced on Monday that it was conducting an investigation. The Olympic gold medalist has repeatedly denied the allegations and now hopes an ATP investigation will clear his name.

“Damn (the weather) finally to be honest,” Zverev said at his press conference ahead of the BNP Paribas Open at Indian Wells. “I have been asking them myself for months now.” I have been asking them to do this from London last year because it is very difficult for me to clear my name.

“Only with something like this can I.” It’s been around for a year and there isn’t much more I can do to clear my name and I hope it ends up doing it. “

The 24-year-old “categorically and unequivocally” denied abusing Sharypova and said on August 27 that his lawyers had taken legal action against the perpetrator of the allegations. Slate issued a statement saying she was sticking to her “fair and accurate reporting.”

“I went to court in Germany and won the case against the author and the publications that the author is currently ignoring,” Zverev said. “I have proven that I am innocent in different ways. I think with this investigation which is finally underway, I hope it can be done and dusted off by a third person and that we can move on.”

Zverev said the whole affair was not just a distraction for him, but for the whole sport. On the pitch, however, Zverev has managed to stay focused and is enjoying one of the best seasons of his young career, winning an Olympic gold medal and two Masters Series events.

“Andy Murray said it very well last week in San Diego, when the stars of the game win tennis games, they win big games, you want to talk about that,” said Zverev, who also reached the semi-finals. finals of the French and the United States open this year. “I had one of the most amazing seasons a young man has had in the last 10 years, probably winning the Olympics, winning two Masters Series, winning four tournaments and that’s a bit forgotten. “Once this situation is over, once it’s done, we can go back to what it was.”

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