Final Fantasy Creator Criticizes Super Expensive FF6 Statue

Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi reflects on the recent reveal of the Final Fantasy 6 Terra Statue and its nearly $12,000 price tag.

Final Fantasy 7 blew the gaming world away upon release, wowing gamers with what PlayStation’s new 3D imaging technology was capable of. However, his predecessor, Final Fantasy 6remains one of the most beloved entries in the series to date.

Final Fantasy 6 its 30th anniversary is fast approaching and Square Enix chooses to celebrate the classic in a big way. The recent reveal of a truly stunning limited edition Terra statue has fans thrilled, but the price has blown them away.

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Terra’s Masterline statue is one of the most expensive produced for the company, coming in at just under $12,000 with a 600 figure limit. To be fair, this statue is made with quality materials, being crafted from polystone and standing 30.7 inches tall. The details visible on the statue make it clear that this is not a mere cash production, but even so the price has shocked many, including the creator of Final Fantasy himself.

Final Fantasy was originally created by Hironobu Sakaguchi in the late 1980s for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The series was a turning point for Squaresoft at the time, and its presence has been cemented in gaming history ever since. While some fans might be willing to shell out $12,000 for the statue, Sakaguchi himself seems baffled by the cost, wondering in a tweet if it’s too much, and asking Square Enix “Are you okay?” in Japanese.

There are probably many Final Fantasy 6 fans and collectors who agree with Sakaguchi. There’s no doubt that this statue was aimed at die-hard fans of the series, but spending five figures on a collector’s item probably seems absurd. While some gaming merchandise like Pokemon cards can sell for exorbitant prices, ordering this collector’s item will leave a serious dent in the wallet of all but the wealthiest fan.

Of course, some Square Enix fans are used to high prices at this point. Square Enix sold a Chocobo plush for almost $200 not too long ago, and a Final Fantasy 7 watch based on the designs of Cloud and Sephiroth went on sale for $2,500. There are many ways to celebrate Final Fantasy that don’t involve opening your wallet, but for those who want to own an extremely rare and expensive work of art as a tribute to their favorite game or series, Final Fantasy 6The Terra Statue is available for pre-order.

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