Final Fantasy Creator obsessively plays Final Fantasy 14

After leaving Square Enix years ago, the creator of Final Fantasy is revisiting the series by playing Final Fantasy 14 at an impressive speed.

Final Fantasy Creator obsessively plays Final Fantasy 14

The Final fantasy The series has been around for a long time, and with games from five different decades, many developers have worked on the series. One of the most influential creators was Hironobu Sakaguchi, and recently he decided to star through Final Fantasy 14.

Japanese game designer, Sakaguchi was famous for his work with Final fantasy. As the creator of the first Final fantasy in 1987, his influence had an indelible impact on the franchise. Although he left the show almost two decades ago, that doesn’t mean he lost his love for Final fantasy. In fact, it looks like he got hooked on one of the more recent episodes of the show he helped create.

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Sakaguchi started playing Final Fantasy 14 a few weeks ago, and since then, the developer never tires of the classic MMO. He has made significant progress since he tweeted that he had started playing the game. In just a few days, “the father of Final fantasy”Ended on Toward the sky extension for Final Fantasy 14. As the game’s first major expansion, it was an impressive feat for Sakaguchi to erase the content, including the many cutscenes, in such a short time.

It is currently going through the second expansion pack known as Stormblood. Those interested in following Sakaguchi’s progress in the MMO should check out his Twitter account. There, he regularly posts screenshots of the game, as well as comments about his game. However, most of these tweets are in Japanese.

Based on the time Sakaguchi has already spent on the MMO, it seems he is loving his return to the world he created decades ago. While his last involvement in the series was X-2 in 2003, many designs he worked on from past games make an updated comeback in Final Fantasy 14. As Sakaguchi seems to really enjoy this part, it will be interesting to see if he decides to try another Final fantasy once he completes his current MMO. With his game updates typically getting thousands of likes on Twitter, it looks like his fans are excited to see whatever he chooses to play in the future.

Besides this news regarding Sakaguchi’s game, another fan has developed an innovative way to play Final Fantasy 14. Known as the SuperLouis 64, this player decided to roam Eorzea using a Ring Fit controller for charity. As these play-throughs suggest, even 11 years after its first release, fans of Final Fantasy 14 always find fun playing MMOs.

Final Fantasy 14 is now available for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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