Final Fantasy Creator Sells Crafted Items On FF14 Market

Hironobu Sakaguchi, the father of the Final Fantasy series, takes over crafting in Final Fantasy 14 and begins selling items on the Market Board.

ffxiv craftsmen

Last year, Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of Final Fantasy, became an unconditional Final Fantasy 14 player. This year, he took on a whole new challenge by Final Fantasy 14: Arts and crafts.

Sakaguchi started Final Fantasy 14 end of September last year. It paved the way through the critically acclaimed MMORPG in 35 days, completing the main storyline quests with plenty of time to spend on side quests before. Endwalker released in December.

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More than a month after its launch, Sakaguchi has already completed Endwalker, and began to dive deep into Final Fantasy 14 to meet other challenges. Having completed old Savage Raids, new Extreme Trials, and collected rare mounts and gear, the father of Final Fantasy turned to crafts and gathering Final Fantasy 14 to replenish its dwindling gil funds. In a recent tweet, Sakaguchi revealed that his weaver was already at level 90 and comically announced his new brand, “Saka Gucci”.

Sakaguchi and Final Fantasy were nearly inseparable for most of the franchise’s life. He participated in the development of each Final Fantasy title of the first title of 1987 until FFinal Fantasy 10-2 in 2003. Although he left to launch Mistwalker and pursue other avenues of game design after, Final Fantasy will always be part of the game developer’s life. With so many references to ancient Final Fantasy titles, fans of the franchise have loved watching Sakaguchi experience the many homages to his own work in the game.

Players were thrilled to see that Sakaguchi had taken up crafting. His followers and fans laughed at the goofy brand name and celebrated his first max level crafter. With robust crafting and gathering mechanics, Final Fantasy 14 crafters can’t wait to see what Sakaguchi will level up next.

When an object is created by a player in Final Fantasy 14, the item has that player’s name on it, meaning that players who buy an item from Sakaguchi would have his character’s name on it as a badge of honor. Players immediately began to pledge “Saka Gucci” millions of gil, hoping to get a Final Fantasy 14 article created by the creator of Final Fantasy. While only Sakaguchi Data Center players can get their hands on an original “Saka Gucci” at this time, the Data Center Travel system is part of one of the 6.1x series. Final Fantasy 14 patches, players around the world will soon be able to visit and support Sakaguchi crafting projects.

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker is currently live on PC, PS4, and PS5, and will be available for purchase on January 25.

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