Final Fantasy Creator Trolls Fans With FF9 Remake Tease

Legendary Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi is trolling fans by teasing a “reproduction” of the FF9 classic, but in Final Fantasy XIV.

Hironobu Sakaguchi, the legendary creator of Final Fantasy series, recently teased fans of the classic JRPG with a hint to an oft-speculated topic Final Fantasy 9 remake – only for it to be revealed later as a joke. Released on the original PlayStation in 2000, Final Fantasy 9 moved the long-running franchise to a traditional fantasy-medieval-style setting following the more urban worlds of the previous two Final Fantasy entries and told the story of a ragtag group of heroes caught in a war between two nations in the fictional world of Gaia. Whereas Final Fantasy 9 isn’t as instantly recognizable among players as entries like Final Fantasy 7 before or Final Fantasy 10 after, it was consistently critically acclaimed at launch, and characters like FF9Vivi’s boy wizard remains popular enough for fans to cosplay him nearly two decades later.


In recent years, there has been speculation that Square Enix is ​​developing a current-gen remake of Final Fantasy 9 the light at Final Fantasy 7 Remakeand the development team that brought the original to life expressed a desire to continue the FF9 storyline in a possible sequel or spinoff game somewhere down the road. Last June, Square Enix announced that it had teamed up with French animation developer Cyber ​​Group Studios to create an animated film Final Fantasy 9 series which is supposed to start production this year. Waiting, FF9 fans eagerly await news of a Final Fantasy 9 sequel or remake from the talented minds who created the 2000 original.

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Long duration Final Fantasy creator, producer and screenwriter Hironobu Sakaguchiwho worked on the original Final Fantasy 9, recently raised those hopes with a cryptic message on Twitter earlier today. This post featured a promotional image of the game’s cast with text stating that Sakaguchi plans to “reproduce itsort of. That left some Final Fantasy 9 fans in the comments section excited at the vague idea that a new FF9 the title could be announced, but a follow-up Twitter post from Hironobu Sakaguchi about an hour later revealed the “the reproductionhe was talking about: a similar image of Final Fantasy XIV characters dressed as the aforementioned cast of FF9. While some fans expressed disappointment with Sakaguchi’s trolling, others pointed out that the misdirection should have been expected given how often he posts on FFXIV.

No, a Final Fantasy 9 Remake has not been confirmed

Even if a Final Fantasy 9 remake is in development, it will still be a long time before fans can play it given that most of Square Enix’s development is currently focused on finishing all three parts Final Fantasy 7 Remake series. The second chapter of this ongoing saga, now titled Final Fantasy 7 Revivalis slated to launch sometime in the winter of 2023, and the as-yet-unnamed third entry has reportedly already begun development.

Only time will tell if and when a sequel or FF7-style FF9 remake will be announced, but that’s certainly not what Hironobu Sakaguchi intended to do with his latest social media posts. This new Final Fantasy 9 tease may have been a false alarm, but the wait remains for players who can’t wait to return to the mystical land of Gaia in an all-new Final Fantasy 9 adventure or an updated retelling of the game that started it all.

Source: Hironobu Sakaguchi/Twitter (1,2)

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