Free co-op horror game Eronoctosis launches Monday


Eronoctosis was one of the tons of great horror games in today’s independent EEK3 horror showcase. It got to stand out because I’m a real sucker for a high contrast lo-fi color scheme. In addition, I am a fan of cooperation, especially with horror. Eronoctosis: Put Yourself Together seems like a psychological horror about banishing bad guys from inside your own mind. You have to play with a friend, which makes the price of free a very good selling point. You can enter on Monday when it launches for free on Steam.

“Explore the deepest recesses of your mind to pull yourself together. There is meaning to this realm of madness, we must work together to escape,” the developers of Dream Toaster Games say of its story.

Dream Toaster gave Eronoctosis an adults-only rating, by the way, for its “horrible and disturbing monsters. Pixelated genitals. Grim and oppressive atmosphere.” Its trailer didn’t strike me as worse than more realistic gore-y horror trailers, but there’s your warning just in case.

Eronoctosis doesn’t have a standalone trailer, at least not that I’ve found yet, but you can catch it at 6:53 here in the full showcase.

The great thing about Eronocrosis is that it requires cooperation. Even cleaner is that it is slightly asymmetrical in that you and your friend have different roles. One holds the flashlight, while the other carries a camera to conquer nightmares.

I really like games with co-operative shared responsibilities and the communication that they often require. Nothing better than grabbing one of your best friends and trying to grope together for some good co-op, especially when it comes to a scary game.

Eronoctosis originally started out as a jam game, which you can still find on on itching. The new version will be launched for free on Steam this Monday, October 11.

There were tons of other retro and lo-fi inspired horror games from this year’s EEK3 showcase hosted by Haunted ps1. You can see the whole show there in the video.


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