Free copies of Minecraft given away to select players

Some Minecraft players who already own the game can get a second free copy depending on the platform they play on, Mojang announced this week. It is because the Minecraft Java Edition and the Minecraft Bedrock Edition – both versions available on the PC platform – are now offered in a two-for-one package. For those who already own one of these two versions of the game on PC, you now have a free copy of the other edition waiting for you.

To be clear, the Java Edition and Bedrock Edition are not merged into one game. Java, the one on PC that gets snapshots that players can test before real updates, is different from bedrockthe version on consoles and the one formerly known as Windows 10 edition on the computer. They will still have their own separate updates as they always have.

But if you own one on PC, you won’t have to worry about which version gets updates since you can now own them both. Mojang confirmed in a blog post about this announcement that the Minecraft The giveaway started this week with PC gamers able to claim their free copies now.

“As of June 7, all players who have either Java Edition Where Bedrock Edition will receive the edition they currently don’t have for free, right in the Minecraft launcher,” Mojang said. “So if you own Javayou will have bedrock – and vice versa. You don’t have to do anything to claim it, but keep in mind that it may take 2-3 days for the game to appear as we’re rolling it out to all eligible players.”

There doesn’t seem to be a deadline for this offer, but to make sure you secure your copy without delay, you can head over to the Xbox website here where you will see the new Minecraft bundle available for $29.99 if you don’t have any games. If you own any of the games, sign in with your Microsoft account (Java gamers, remember when Microsoft warned you to set up your Microsoft sign-in ASAP?) Assuming you’re signed in with the account that has one of these editions, you’ll see a “Get” option instead of “Buy “, mojang saidwho will bring you the other edition.

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