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A few years ago when game of thrones ended, Kit Harington was finally able to chop off his long, curly Jon Snow locks and put down the heavy fur coat for good. Now, on the hottest day of the year, it looks like he could regrow his hair and don the furs of Northern Westerosi again – because The Hollywood Reporter claims HBO is in early development on a game of thrones spin-off series centered on Jon Snow, set after the events of the main show.

Since thrones completed, several spin-offs are in the works – including the Targaryen series Dragon House, which finally debuts in August. But while this show is set a few hundred years before the events of the original series, and other proposed offshoots would delve into other realms of the vast history, myths and continents of the fantasy world, the series Jon Snow would score thrones‘ first official issue of ‘suite’. NEXT SPOILERS for the Game Of Thrones finale. In the final episode of the main series, Snow survived the King’s Landing burns, was sentenced to return to Night’s Watch, and eventually ventured north of the wall with the Wildlings while his younger brother Bran was crowned King of the Six. Kingdoms (his sister Sansa became Queen In The North, her own independent kingdom). The series would theoretically take over Jon’s life beyond the wall – although no details have yet been confirmed.

If the show is picked up for a season order, Harington would be attached to reprise his role. It’s unclear whether original writer George RR Martin (who has yet to write his own ending for the A song of ice and fire novels, which may differ from the one we saw in the show) would be involved. Martin is co-creator and executive producer on Dragon Housewhich is based on his Targaryen story book Fire & Blood. Other thrones spin-offs in development include maritime adventures 10,000 ships and Sea serpentmore the Dunk & Egg series and a handful of animated projects.

Will the Jon Snow series go into production? Is there a compelling story for where the man now also known as Aegon Targaryen goes next? Could Arya, Sansa, Bran and Brienne make appearances? We don’t know anything.

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