Garlic meme | ‘There isn’t too much garlic’: woman’s meme on garlic goes viral

Garlic | Photo credit: Twitter

There can never be enough garlic in food. A Twitter user posted a meme to highlight this. She posted a photo of two garlic cloves in her hand and her tweet went viral.

“Recipe: Use two garlic cloves. Me: Got it,” Twitter user @monyeeart posted with the photo of two garlic cloves. What was surprising to many users was the size of the garlic.


While many users said there isn’t too much garlic, others added that they wanted a lifetime of that oversized garlic. Some have asked where they can find garlic of this size.

One user said, “I would like 500 kg of this stuff.” Another wrote: “Finally the right amount of garlic to start.”

Someone tweeted, “Precise. Also, where can I find garlic this size? Ask a friend who is me.” Another added: “Like my mom used to say: you don’t let a recipe tell you how much garlic to use, you let your heart tell you.”

@monyeeart said she got it from a local Asian supermarket.

Some people have identified garlic as elephant garlic, which is sweeter than the smaller garlic. One user said, “I tried using this garlic once and it wasn’t very garlic, I was so sad. It’s still cool lol.”

Elephant garlic belongs to the onion genus. It has a tall, solid, flowery stem and broad, flat leaves. Since its flavor is milder than garlic, some people find it more palatable than garlic when used raw such as in salads.

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