Golf-Amateur Ganne holds his nerve tied for lead in US Women’s Open

High school student Megha Ganne showed remarkable composure as she compiled a four-under-67 67 at the US Women’s Open on Thursday to sit tied for the lead after the first round of the major.

The 17-year-old fan, who mixed six birdies with a pair of bogeys behind an exceptional putting, made her second tournament appearance and said she felt more comfortable this time around. “I think the first time is scary for everyone – meeting your idols and being on stage for the first time,” said Ganne, co-leader with England’s Mel Reid.

“But the second time around, even the practice laps, I wasn’t that nervous. I felt like I could come in here and just play my game instead of drenching everything. So I put that on. aside the first time “Definitely a little easier this time.”

Her first impression of the Olympic Club’s sprawling Lake Course, with its narrow fairways, ankle-high roughs and postage stamp-sized greens, bowled her over. “It was a little terrifying to see him for the first time, but I did a few laps and gained a little confidence,” she said.

“I didn’t panic when I got into the rough a few times because there are definitely holes I wasn’t keeping in the fairway, and it’s easy to panic out there, and I don’t. haven’t, ”added Ganne, who plans to attend Stanford University. “I think just knowing that everyone on the pitch has to deal with it, and whoever makes the smarter choices, picks the best lines and doesn’t take unnecessary risks will be the person who ends up better. “

Ganne will be released as part of the morning wave on Friday.

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