Guilty Gear is the perfect game for an anime adaptation

Guilty Gear made headlines as the most popular entry to date in the prolific fighting game franchise, bringing the series closer to mainstream popularity than ever before. Since its release in June this year, it has already sold over 500,000 copies, making it the best-selling Guilty equipment game to date.

It’s not hard to see why Aspire has had such an impact on gamers around the world despite the franchise’s past as a relatively niche series. Every aspect of the game is bursting with style, from the animation to the soundtrack to the characters. Indeed, while gameplay is always the most important part of any fighting game, it is clear that part of Aspirethe success of is due to the way Guilty equipmentThe colorful cast of characters resonated with fans.

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At first glance, the playable roster of Guilty Gear may look like a collection of eccentrics with ridiculous names like Sol Badguy, Chipp Zanuff, and Goldlewis Dickinson – most of which are references to classical rock music, a major interest of series creator Daisuke Ishiwatari. But under all the flash of Guilty equipment There’s a surprising amount of substance to be found: Since its first entry, the series has woven a single, continuous narrative, with stories and motifs for each character. The story is an afterthought for most fighting games, but Ishiwatari and his company have created a fully fleshed out fictional world for Guilty equipment.

Sol Badguy - Best Guilty Equipment Characters

Of course, it’s somewhat difficult to appreciate the epic and sprawling story of Guilty equipment when much of it is so inaccessible to new fans. Since the franchise tells an ongoing story since its debut in 1998, much of the series’ narrative is locked behind games that are exclusive to older consoles, if not completely out of print – to say nothing of the various games and additional hardware that have never been published outside of Japan. And even then, the older games lack the cinematic story modes of the series’ recent entries, instead conveying all the plot developments through brief arcade endings. Despite all the efforts Guilty equipmentstory from the beginning, said story currently exists in a fractured state, unable to be experienced as Ishiwatari intended.

There are methods to alleviate this problem, of course. Guilty Gear offers an in-game encyclopedia that allows new players to learn about the history of the world and the characters in the series. But as informative as this database is, spending hours reading a story isn’t as much fun as experiencing it firsthand. Meanwhile, fighting game-focused Youtuber WoolieVersus made a series of in-depth story videos telling the whole story of Guilty equipment from the very beginning to the last events before Aspire. But again, as well done as these videos are, they are not a substitute for direct engagement with Guilty equipmentthe plot of.

A story with as much passion as Guilty equipment deserves better than having most of its narrative inaccessible to fans beyond secondary sources – and that’s exactly why the iconic fighting game series is the perfect game to be adapted into an anime. While anime adaptations of video games have varied wildly in quality over the years, a well-made anime that manages to capture the aesthetic or gaming could do wonders for the story of Guilty equipment. There would no longer be a need to rely on story videos or in-game encyclopedia entries to engage with the series’ backstory: the entire plot would be available in one. only stand-alone narrative.

Because each game in the series already has a separate plot, a Guilty equipment the anime would only have to follow the same pattern as the games. A hypothetical first season would adapt the plot of the original Guilty equipment, revolving around the two central characters of the series – the mysterious bounty hunter Sol Badguy and his rival, the honorable young knight Ky Kiske – and their fighting backgrounds in the Hundred Years War against the magical biological weapons known as by Gears. But while Sol and Ky would be the center of attention, there would also be plenty of time to establish the rest of the original cast, like May, Chipp, Axl, and Milia. The season would naturally culminate with the Sacred Order Selection Tournament, ending with the final battle between Sol and his nemesis, the Gear Queen Justice.

Ky Kiske - Best Guilty Equipment Characters

From there, the second season would likely cover the events of Guilty Gear X and X2, focusing on the clash around Justice Dizzy’s daughter bounty, as well as Sol and Ky’s character development as they move from targeting Dizzy to protecting her. Meanwhile, the plot would also point to the machinations of the show’s most prominent antagonist, the enigmatic witch known as I-No. As the games become more storytelling from there, it would be easy for future seasons to directly adapt. Opening, Xrd, and Aspire. But due to the increased runtime of a full season of anime compared to cutscenes in a video game, each season would naturally allow more time to be spent exploring the stories and character dynamics of distribution, by expanding them more than the constraints of the games. To allow.

And of course, there is always the question of presentation. Although recent Guilty equipment games are known for their stunning animation and high-quality voice acting, older sprite-based games haven’t aged as well in this regard. Even the cinematic story modes of Xrd and Aspire are limited by budgetary constraints. Adapting their events using modern animations would allow the story to Guilty equipment to become even more of a visual spectacle, bringing Ishiwatari’s vision to life in a way never seen before.

Giovanna With Her Aggression - Guilty Gear Strive Giovanna Guide

Video game-based anime might not have the most consistent track record, but if there’s one game series that could benefit from it, it’s Guilty equipment. Because underneath all the over-the-top action, flashy character designs, and references to rock music, there’s a heartfelt story about love, loss, hope, and redemption. If Daisuke Ishiwatari can create a story where a surgeon with a paper bag on his head, an American ninja who becomes president of South Africa, a time traveling witch with an electric guitar and a bounty hunter based on Freddie Mercury who can turn into a dragon all have some really heartbreaking stories so this is a story more people deserve to see.

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