Halo co-creator was “quite worried” about Halo Infinite until it was revealed again this year

Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto shared his thoughts on Halo Infinite, and his thought process seems to match how the community was feeling, in general. Talk to HiddenXperia, Lehto said he felt “quite worried” about Halo Infinite in the summer of 2020 when 343 showed off a campaign slide from the game. However, he felt more confident in the game this year, as the rest of us, after 343 showed some much improved visuals and discussed its multiplayer element.

“I was pretty worried about what I saw at the last E3. I think the community in general was. But, you can clearly see that 343 listened to all this commentary, and what they did that year was impressive, ”said Lehto. “So it’s so exciting to see that they took all of that feedback to heart. And I think they generally knew what they really wanted to do to make it better. The multiplayer preview was just fantastic. and really exciting to see. I can’t wait to play the game and get in there and see what it feels like. Just the visual feel too. “

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Lehto lui-même est un artiste et un directeur créatif qui a conçu les premiers designs pour Master Chief et d’autres éléments de l’univers Halo. Il a dit qu’il était “vraiment impressionné” par l’apparence de Halo Infinite ces jours-ci d’un point de vue artistique, alors que les développeurs rendent hommage au passé et mettent leur propre empreinte sur les choses.

« En tant qu’artiste et directeur créatif examinant le jeu dans son ensemble, [I am] really impressed with where they are taking it and how they are going back to some of the original models, ”he said. “Yeah, I know a lot of the models are from the Bungie era, but they’re taking their own spin on it yet. They don’t just copy things word for word. They make it unique to Infinite, and it feels like it. It feels really good. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little jealous because I think this looks like one of the best Halos that has been made so far. So I can’t wait to go and see what they’ve done with it. I have all the hope and positive vibes for 343 when it comes to finishing Infinite and releasing it this fall. I hope the community is there to support them too. “

Lehto’s latest studio, V1 Interactive, closed after its first game, Disintegration, failed to find audiences.

As for Halo, a multiplayer beta is apparently on the way. You can sign up for the free Halo Insider program for a chance to participate.

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