Halo Infinite Dev shows off and discusses Craig’s Glow

343 Industries has shared new details and released a new image of Craig the Brute from Halo Infinite, and he’s had some good momentum. Once the flagship of Halo Infinite’s not-so-beautiful graphics, Craig now sports a new look. And he also has a beard. In the last post of the Inside Infinite blog post, 343 went over some of the changes to Craig.

“The team has a kind of love-hate relationship with Craig. While it’s fun to see the community gravitate towards Craig, he unfortunately portrayed content and systems that weren’t ready for prime time in this demo, ”343 said.“ Craig’s positive outcome was that he was one of the factors that saved a bit more time to finish the job and brought the Brutes to a place where the team is happy with them. This is one of many positive examples of 343.’s collaboration and alignment with the Halo community around expectations. Players who search carefully enough will always be able to find evidence of Craig in Infinite halo, his spirit lives! “

Craig “slipped”, the developer said. “He feels great about himself and has re-integrated well with the rest of his Brute friends. He also acquired a new hobby and did well. Long live Craig! “

Hello Craig

This is just one of the pieces of news from the new installment of Inside Infinite. The full blog post is ridiculously in-depth, touching on character design and UX / UI. Make sure to read the entire article to keep up to date with all the latest news.

The Craig the Brute meme comes from the July 2020 Halo Infinite campaign demo that fans have expressed their displeasure with. Craig has become a symbol of the game’s lackluster graphics. Microsoft has promised that Craig’s appearance will improve, and it appears to be.

Halo Infinite’s new campaign footage, which was released on Monday, was received much more positively than the July 2020 showcase, with many commenting that the game looks great and seems to be doing well.

In a big change for the series, Campaign and Multiplayer are separate, stand-alone products. The campaign is a $ 60 game, while the multiplayer is free. Both are also included in the Game Pass when the game launches on December 8.

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