Here’s why student loan companies are stalking social media profiles

When adding to your social media profile, it’s okay to post photos and share thoughts with your friends online.

Sometimes student users like to show off their latest vacation adventure, others like to post about the latest purchases on sale or recent bargains for everyone to see.

Your online friends can see EVERYTHING you post. Source: Giphy

But have you ever wondered if other people are viewing your profile?

For example, if your profile isn’t that hot in privacy mode, it’s possible that anyone can access your latest posts.

If someone added you and you don’t recognize their name (even if they are attending the same university), should you accept or just ignore the request?

Student loan stalkers

Among the hundreds of other potential stalkers on social media, student loan stalkers are becoming a threat to the international student community.

As The Guardian recently explained, “Applicants for the Student Loans Company should expect their Facebook posts and social media activities to be verified as part of the approval process, despite a senior MP rank condemns such surveillance as a “sinister KGB tactic at the gate.”

That is why you should be careful with your privacy settings on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you leave these pages open to the public, there is a good chance that they will be researched and scrutinized.

For example, if a student applying for a large maintenance loan to cover the cost of their studies posts photos depicting a luxurious and lavish lifestyle, a representative of a student loan company has the opportunity to witness them. and classify the student as not deserving of a loan.

But that may not be the reality. The student may have difficulty with his budget and seek to present a different lifestyle to his friends on social networks.

What can I do to prevent this?

The first thing you need to do if you are applying for a student loan is to set your social media profiles to private.

By restricting access, you are free to post whatever you want without worrying about someone else misinterpreting it.

Second, if you’re worried about being watched by student loan companies even after you’ve made your profile private, try not to post pictures or statuses that reflect your finances or personal information.

For example, if the student loan company paid you a different amount to someone else during your class, this issue needs to be resolved with the company itself rather than venting through angry Facebook posts. or Twitter.

If you just got your student loan, but used it to buy clothes and gadgets, try not to mention it in your post as it could be subject to judgment or review. meticulous.

You should always make sure that the student loan company you choose is legitimate and acts in a professional manner.

If you’ve ever felt like a victim of student loan stalking, there’s always a chance to speak up.

Whatever messages you posted or the activity that justified the persecution, if they approached you unprofessionally, it is worth investigating by your university or local education authorities.

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