Historical! The biggest video game leak of all time; Years of Apex Legends Updates Leaked on Reddit

Apex Legends Leak: Apparently years of Apex Legends updates have been leaked on Reddit, marking the biggest video game leak in history. Nine characters and new cards among others have been unveiled.

Apex Legends Leak: In a shocking incident, potentially years of Apex Legends content was leaked to news aggregator and discussion board Reddit. This is apparently the biggest video game leak incident to ever take place. The leaks not only revealed nine characters coming to the game, but new maps and gameplay videos were also shared. Even though Apex Legends has an ongoing issue of dataminers leaking upcoming updates and content ahead of official announcements, this is an unprecedented level of content leaking. Read on to learn more about this leak and all the content that has been revealed.

On March 22, an anonymous account posted a link to a document on the ApexUncovered (community) subreddit on Reddit. ApexUncovered is a forum that tracks and discusses “all Apex Legends leaks, datamines, and unreleased content”. The alleged link has since been removed and cannot be viewed. However, the post with over 640 upvotes and 254 comments can still be viewed here. Note that we haven’t had a chance to personally verify the contents of the leak and you should take it with a grain of salt as some or all of it may turn out to be fake. And even if they are real, publishers can always change things. That being said, find out everything we know about the game from the alleged leaks.

Apex Legends Leak on Reddit: years of content revealed

A total of 15 videos have been leaked on Reddit showcasing new arena mode maps, weapons, cosmetics as well as actual gameplay of the new legends. The Apex Legends leak also highlights nine new characters called Legends. Legends include Catalyst (defensive), Conduit (support), Jester, Newcastle (defensive), Phantom (support), Scryer (recce), Caliber (support), Uplink (defensive), and Vantage.

Based on character completion, Newcastle is said to be the next addition to the game, followed by Vantage. The least that is known about Jester and it is assumed that he is probably just a pipeline character.

The leaks also point to a new mode that will be “capture the flag” style as well as five new maps for Arena mode. All of the new maps are apparently inspired by Titanfall.

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