Horizon Forbidden West Dev has been making an unannounced game for 3 years

A guerrilla veteran appears to be back in the business and working on a new game, which is likely a year or less away from a public reveal.

Seasoned developer Simon Larouche is back at Guerrilla games, which has apparently been working for three years on a secret, undisclosed game, leaving many wondering if a new Killzone could be in preparation. The studio is still working to finish Horizon forbidden to the west, which is slated for release on PlayStation 4 and 5 by the end of 2021.

Simon Larouche’s credit in the gaming industry dates back to 1997, when he started as a CG artist in Montreal. By 2000 he had become a designer, working on games like Monsters Inc. and Far Cry: Instinct for Behavior Interactive and Ubisoft. He first joined Guerrilla Games in 2006, moving to Amsterdam to spend three years working on Killzone 2. Prior to his current project at the studio, he returned to Montreal to work with Ubisoft on Splinter Cell Blacklist, Rainbow Six: Siege, and Watch dogs 2. Interestingly, his resume also reveals that he spent a year with Eidos-Montreal on an abandoned multiplayer installment for guardians of the galaxy.

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Back in Amsterdam since February 2018, Larouche is now a director on a “To be determined“title, according to their LinkedIn profile highlighted by WCcftech. “The secret game is secret“, he writes. A possibility is a new one Killzone, since the second is Larouche’s only credit with Guerrilla and one of the most popular entries in the FPS series. It has been dormant since 2013 Killzone: Shadow Fall, even though it was the first PS4 game to sell over a million copies. Guerrilla then put the focus on Horizon Zero Dawn, and West forbidden was announced in June 2020 alongside the reveal of the PS5.

Horizon platform prohibited in the west

One implication of Larouche’s work is that Guerrilla has grown large enough to have parallel teams developing games simultaneously. Another is that his project is probably months (if not weeks) away from being announced, as it’s now rare for a title to spend three years in development without some form of teaser being shown publicly. Guerrilla’s unnamed game will likely be revealed at an upcoming PlayStation State of Play event, possibly by the end of 2021. This revelation could potentially come with confirmation from the Ghost of Ikishima a stand-alone expansion is reportedly in development at sister studio Sucker Punch Productions.

A potential argument against a new Killzone is this Guerrilla may be tired of the franchise, as it was the only property the studio worked on between 2004 and 2013. A second is that three years of underground development would be compatible with the attempt to start a new intellectual property. At the same time, however, Killzone is a successful property that could justify the same amount of work and the same secrecy. Killzone 2 was famous for the PS3 showcase and Sony might want to repeat that with a new Killzone for the PS5.

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