How Elden Ring’s Character Creator Can Be Made Even Better

For many, the main attraction of Ring of Elden is the combat, as challenging battles against bosses and regular enemies can be found all over the Lands Between. For others, the biggest appeal of FromSoftware’s latest game is lore, as a collaboration with George RR Martin has led to an even deeper backstory than you normally see in the developer’s games. However, there is another corner of the community dedicated to creating and sharing custom characters.


While there are many Ring of Elden fans creating themselves when designing their Terni, or trying to make their player character look as ugly as possible for a laugh, others focused on creating some really cool creations. These include playable versions of Round Table NPCs, celebrities like Michael Jackson, memes like the Gigachad, and pop culture figures like Doctor Strange and Obi-Wan Kenobi. While players wouldn’t have been able to create these characters without a decent character creator, most would agree that the current system could still be improved.

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Elden Ring needs more hairstyles, body types and face customization

Recently, several gamers got together to discuss the benefits of a dreadlocks hairstyle. Ring of Elden. Not only would players have more options when designing Viking-like characters, but it would allow people who have real-life dreadlocks to create more accurate versions of themselves in-game. Beyond of this, dreadlocks would make custom characters like Snoop Dogg more accurate.

This discussion extends beyond dreadlocks, however, as Ring of EldenThe character creator is lacking when it comes to hairstyles in general. With hair being one of the ways so many people express themselves, there should be a lot more options available. The aforementioned longer hair, braided hair, and dreadlocks are just the tip of the iceberg, as there are countless styles that could be implemented. Also, while more regular hair options should be a priority since that’s where the character creator is lacking the most, it would be nice if players had more options for facial hair as well.

Beyond that, Ring of Elden should allow players to customize parts of their protagonist’s body, with size generally being easier to control. If players want to, they should be able to create incredibly short or ridiculously tall characters. Some players may only want a bigger chest or belly, while others may want muscular arms but slender legs – which should be achievable within a character builder. If a Ring of Elden The update is still builds that extend to the character creator, it would be great if players could tweak specific body parts.

This also extends to facial features, as many Ring of Elden fans have reported having difficulty creating female character models. Players have to widen the whole face instead of just adjusting the forehead, for example, while modifying the cheeks can result in ridiculously wide jaws. The ability to individually edit more parts of the face could help fans fine-tune the bone structure of their model, resulting in an easier-to-use toolset. Most gamers aren’t willing to spend hours finding the perfect slider positions, so having more control over each part of the face to speed up the creation process would be ideal.

Whereas Ring of EldenUltimately a step up from other FromSoftware games’ character creator, it’s only average when held up to the character creation seen in other AAA titles. Given the popularity of Ring of Elden, it would be great to see the game’s character creator get an update, with said improvements possibly being dropped alongside a DLC. That’s unlikely, though, so hopefully FromSoftware at least keeps the community feedback in mind when creating the character creation tools for its next game.

Ring of Elden is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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