How long is Knockout City free?

Gamers can check out this quick guide for when the good times stop rolling during Knockout City’s current free trial.

Knockout City, Electronic Arts and Velan Studios’ new competitive version of the dodge ball, is currently in its testing phase. Players will be able to try the game for free, but the free ride won’t last as long as some might have expected.

Knockout CityThe full version of has finally arrived with all of its chaotic dodgeball action, getting players back into the game for the first time since the free cross-play open beta last month. Currently, the editions available for purchase are Trial, Block Party Edition, and Block Party Deluxe Edition.

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The trial version of Knockout City is limited to a period of ten days, from May 21 to 30. After this period expires, players will be required to purchase one of the paid editions in order to continue playing the game.

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EA and Velan Studios must be confident Knockout City will sell for its entry price despite the game design having elements similar to popular free-to-play games such as camera positioning, art style and control scheme being somewhat similar to Fortnite. The game will also be available on EA Play and Xbox Game Pass at launch, which could be their fallback point to attract more players into the game in case sales don’t live up to expectations. Since over a million gamers have downloaded the beta, it’s safe to say that competitive gaming players are at least somewhat interested in the game.

Crossplay being available in Knockout City during launch is a surefire way to attract more players, as the current COVID-19 pandemic continues to bring players into online spaces to interact and compete. The games with crossplay available were some of the biggest hits of the past year despite console makers’ distaste for crossplay, so this feature quickly becoming an industry standard for multiplayer games is a predictable outcome. Yes Knockout City works well, it will be yet another example of a successful game with crossplay.

EA’s and Velan’s confidence in selling a free structured game like Knockout City because a non-zero entry fee has a chance to backfire at the end of the trial period, and it remains to be seen whether their attempt to break into esports will go as planned. Yes Knockout City plans to strike it big on the esports scene, it will take more than just a successful launch; EA will need to host events to get more players talking about the game, and Velan will need to continue supporting the game after launch to keep players engaged.

Knockout City is now available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

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Source: Knockout City official website

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