How to get Junimo Huts in Stardew Valley

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Valley of stars has tons of content to unlock if you spend enough time working on your farm. Unfortunately, it can be a bit difficult to get there. The creator of the game, Concerned Ape, has constantly added new content since the inception of the game. Dedicated players will love these new buildings, items, NPCs and more! They create whole new mysteries to solve, ways to optimize life on the farm and spend more time exploring, and more! Without them, the game would get boring pretty quickly.

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Junimo cabins are one of the things you can unlock to make your life on the farm much easier. It’s a way to automatically harvest the crops you grow, much like how the Auto-Grabber you can buy from Marnie automatically collects animal products. Are you wondering what it takes to build this wonderful device and how exactly does it work? We have what you need! This in-depth guide answers any questions you might have about Junimo shelters.

Unlock and build Junimo cabins

Stardew Valley, menu for building Junimo huts in the wizarding tower

The Junimo Hut is a unique building because you don’t build it with Robin’s help. In place, it must be unlocked later in the game by completing a quest for the wizard. Once you’ve completed all of the community center bundles, go to the farthest part of the mountains where the public bath is located. This will trigger a cutscene and you’ll get a new quest: Dark Talisman. To complete this, you will need to do some sort of sub-quest: Goblin Problem.

Once the Goblin Problem and Dark Talisman are over, the Wizard will give you access to a new tool in his tower that allows you to construct special buildings. These buildings are placed much like the ones you are used to building with Robin, except that they are created instantly with magic once they are paid!

Building materials required for the Junimo hut

  • 20,000 g

  • 200 Stone

  • 9 Carambola

  • 100 fibers

The Junimo huts occupy a 3×2 space on the farm.

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How Junimo harvests the crops for you

Stardew Valley, Junimo Huts on a farm


The Junimo hut covers an area of ​​17×17. From the door of the hut, this grid spans 8 spaces in each direction (but keep in mind that to the east, west and north the hut will occupy one of these spaces).

Each morning, if the hut registers that there are harvestable plants in its grid, three Junimos will leave the hut and disperse. They do not collect the crops in any particular order. You can leave the farm and they will continue to collect, but they don’t automatically finish the job if you finish the day before they’re done. They will stop completely and continue to pick up the rest in the morning.

Junimos can harvest any type of normal crop, except those grown from wild seeds (since they technically count as forage). They will harvest items that you would need a scythe for, flowers, and even items on trellises that the player couldn’t reach. You can plant a whole field full of trellises, as long as you can go to the Junimo hut to collect them!

Stop harvesting Junimos

First of all, keep in mind that The Junimos do not leave their huts in the rain, whether or not there are crops to be harvested.

If you want to prevent the Junimos from harvesting, the easiest way is to interact with the hut. There is a button on the menu (of a Junimo holding a blueberry) to toggle whether they are harvesting or not. However, they also won’t leave the hut if their entrance is obstructed.

You should also consider that the Junimos are not perfect reapers because they harvest your crops at random. Even if you wait until the end of a day, they may not finish the job. To make sure this doesn’t happen, remove all obstacles in the area. This includes in particular anything that Junimos would have to bypass; things they can walk on are fine, but extend the time they spend getting to crops.

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How to harvest the crops that Junimo harvests

Stardew Valley, Junimo Huts on a farm (1)

When the Junimos harvest the crops, they are stored in their hut. You will know if there is something to pick up as a small bag will appear in front of the hut! Note that you don’t need to interact with the particular bag – you can approach and interact with any part of the hut. The Junimo cabin is actually a chest; it can hold 36 stacks of items. If you’ve left the Junimo for too long and their hut is full of items, the crops will fall to the ground (i.e. they’ll disappear if you fall asleep).

Colors of Junimos

Stardew Valley, Junimos picking up pumpkins


It’s a little aesthetic thing, but you’ll notice that the colors of the Junimos change according to the season.

However, you can actually change the color of the Junimos to be whatever you want. The 24th secret note reveals that you can place gems inside the hut for them. If you do this, the Junimos will change to be the same color as the gemstone you put in!

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