How to Get the Major Mancake Skin for Free

The Fortnite X fall guys The crossover event is officially underway, giving players the chance to earn a variety of free rewards. Among those rewards are new back bling, a harvesting tool, and emotes, and there’s even a special skin for fans to claim. Specifically, players can win Fortnite‘s Major Mancake by participating in the event, which runs until July 21, and this guide has all the details on how it’s done.

Fortnite: How to Get the Major Mancake Skin

The first step towards getting the Major Mancake outfit in Fortnite is to install fall guys on PC, PlayStation, Switch or Xbox. Notably, this multiplayer title became free-to-play on June 21, meaning it can now be obtained at no cost. That said, PC gamers will have to go through the Epic Games Store to get the game, as it was removed from Steam after adopting a free-to-play model.


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With fall guys installed, players should make sure to link the game to the Epic Games account they use to play Fortnite. To do this, Battle Royale fans must visit the Epic Games Store and use the relevant information to log in. Players should then hover over their account name in the upper right corner, click on Account, navigate to the Connections tab, and click on Accounts under the Connections heading. From there, players simply need to log into the platform they will be playing on. fall guys.

At this point, fans are ready to jump in fall guys and start completing its Crown Clash challenges. Indeed, these challenges are the key to unlocking the Major Mancake skin, and there are five in total. Fortunately, Crown Clash’s challenges are extremely straightforward in their instructions, simply asking players to take turns in fall guys. Fans will need to complete 100 rounds to complete all of these tasks, and their cosmetic rewards should be delivered in Fortnite shortly after.

Note, players will also receive rewards in rocket league for completing Crown Clash challenges in fall guys. These rewards include a banner, top hat, wheels, decal, and rocket boost, and fans must once again confirm they’ve tied everything appropriately if they hope to claim them. If it is true that all Fortnite Fans will be interested in these prizes, as their primary focus may be elsewhere they provided an extra incentive to put in the effort to complete the challenges.

Fortnite is free on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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