iDubbbz Boxing Fight Map: Every Fight on YouTube Creator Clash Submap

YouTube star iDubbbz has collected a stacked card for his first boxing appearance at the ‘Creator Clash’ charity tournament, which features Harley (Epic Meal Time) and JustaMinx

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Jake Paul admits canceled Tommy Fury fight cost him ‘millions’

YouTube star iDubbbz will take on Dr. Mike Varshavski on a stacked YouTube charity boxing card that features a slew of top content creators.

Several personalities from the streaming service will take part in a tournament on the University of South Florida campus, with all financial proceeds raised to be donated to charity, including the American Heart Foundation.

iDubbbz has been looking forward to his own fight for several years and is the self-proclaimed “YouTube boxing guru” when addressed by his loyal army of 7.5 million followers. His opponent, Dr. Mike, also has an incredible 9 million subscribers on the streaming service.

YouTube boxing has continued to rise and rise in recent years with Jake Paul and Logan Paul having success in the United States while KSI and AnEson Gib have fought on domestic shores.

Find out everything you need to know about who will be fighting in the latest YouTube boxing fest…

iDubbbz vs. Dr. Mike

Tournament host iDubbbz will compete in the main event against Dr. Mike, with the pair boasting a combined subscriber base of over 16 million on the streaming service.

Neither star has ever competed in the ring, but trained for around six months for the streaming platform’s prestigious event. iDubbbz has been waiting to compete in the ring for several years and is a self-proclaimed “YouTube boxing guru”.

iDubbbz will host a YouTube boxing tournament tomorrow night

The 31-year-old has continued to do his comedic sketches while preparing for the event and even recently called out British star Tommy Fury for a potential fight after his recent efforts with Paul.

Harley (Epic Meal Time) vs. EgoRaptor

Harley from YouTube cooking show Epic Meal Time which has amassed nearly 7 million subscribers on the streaming platform will take on EgoRaptor who has racked up 3 million subscribers while being part of the Game Grumps gaming show.

The popular pair will square off in a heavyweight bout that will take place over five two-minute rounds in Florida.

JustaMinx vs. Yodeling Haley

Twitch streamer JustaMinx will be making her first boxing appearance after generating huge following in recent years. The star is approaching one million subscribers and will take on Yodeling Haley who has gone viral on TikTok and now has a loyal army of 3.5 million fans.

JustaMinx has hinted at the fight for several weeks on his Twitter and online streams, with the pair set to battle the junior middleweights over five two-minute rounds.

Graham Stephan vs. Michael Reeves

In one of the most intriguing matches on the card, financial content creator Graham Stephan will step into the ring to make his first appearance against OfflineTV robotics expert Michael Reeves.

The iDubbbz host hinted that this could be the fight of the night, with the duo training extremely hard for the fight. Stephan became famous for his analyzes of financial trends and his videos on how to make money fast.

Meanwhile, Reeves’ profile rose by doing his “comedy-tech” sketches on his own channel alongside his appearances on Offline TV. The fight will take place over five rounds, with the bout taking place at lightweight.

Matt Watson vs Dad

Co-host of YouTube show SuperMega, Watson will take on YouTuber Dad on the card, with both men boasting a combined subscriber count of 500,000 on the platform.

Watson has a host of talents who have produced comedic music in addition to hosting a podcast and directing music videos. Meanwhile, Dad’s content is based on lessons from a father to a son that he learned from his extended family.

The pair will meet at middleweight over the planned distance of five rounds.

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Etiquette of Internet comments against Dj Welch

YouTube Internet star Comment Ettiquette, who has an impressive one million subscribers on the platform, will face American artist, animator and gamer Dj Welch.

Internet How Etiquette bases its content on showing fans how to post social media interactions, with its popularity steadily growing.

The pair will meet in the heavyweight division alongside other fighters, with the event also set for the five-round distance.

Hundar vs. AB

Brett ‘Hundar’ Hunley, co-owner of gaming channel Cow Chop, will meet the host of the popular H3 AB podcast.

Hunley worked for global YouTube channel Machinima before leaving and creating his current channel, and he has produced several other game shows as well. AB is responsible for creating the podcast’s popular “Content Court” series.

The pair will meet at cruiserweight on the night over five rounds.

Ryan Magee vs. Alex Ernst

Game Grumps star Ryan Magee will take on YouTube writer, actor and musician Alex Ernst, who has 1.5 million subscribers on the platform.

Magee is infamous for his time working with the late Daniel Kyre alongside fellow fighter on the Watson card. Meanwhile, Ernst continues to gain popularity for his comedic videos.

The pair will meet in the cruiserweight division over the five-round distance.

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