Indus Holds Second Game Test During Comic Con in Bangalore, India

SuperGaming, a mobile game development studio from Pune, India, has been working on a futuristic battle royale called Indus for some time. They have just announced a second playtest for the game which will be held on November 19 and 20 during Comic Con in Bangalore.

The first test took place in August and many changes have been made since, leading to another playtest. Like its predecessor, this will be an invite-only event, which means that all Interested players should register via this Google form. There is certainly a greater probability of being selected because this test will welcome 250 players compared to 25 last time.

The community will be able to explore much more of what Indus has to offer in this second playtest. On the more technical side, players can expect improvements to visuals, environment, and foliage. The user interface has been improved with a more streamlined menu while the game now targets 60 frames per second.

Gameplay wise things look good too. Players will now have access to the entire Virlok map instead of a tiny area like last time. This will allow participants to experience the full power of battle royale using the new weapons, melee combat, and gyro support. New threads are also coming with the addition of more playable paragons.

Speaking about the playtest, SuperGaming co-founder Roby John said: “Indus is at a stage where within the development teams we are able to play it internally on a regular basis, with all the feedback from our first community playtest. Now we want to open it up to all of you to try it – bugs, glitches and all. Your feedback will help us make a better game.”

Last but not least, all invited players will receive the Indus Battle Kit consisting of a bunch of collectibles and memorabilia. Find all things Indus, on their official Twitter account.

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