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University athletes to monetize their Twitter videos via Opendorse


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Twitter will allow college athletes to receive advertising revenue for branded videos posted on the social media app through a new partnership with the Opendorse content publishing platform. The new program precedes several states preparing to pass NIL legislation on July 1, which will allow NCAA athletes to legally monetize their name, image and likeness for the first time.

The new program, Opendorse offers, will allow brands to feature sponsored videos on Twitter, such as those focused on coaching tips or thanks from fans. An athlete can sign up for the program, then create a 45-60 second video on that topic and post it to their personal Twitter account. Pre-roll ads will appear on the video, with athletes receiving reduced ad revenue alongside Twitter and Opendorse. Income fluctuates based on the number of views of the clip.

“Student-athletes have been marginalized,” said David Herman, manager of sports partners at Twitter. Illustrated sports. “We want them to see the benefits of their NIL. They will be paid based on what their videos actually bring in.

The specific percentages of the revenue sharing model were not disclosed, but athletes are said to receive the majority of advertising revenue. Advertisers spent $ 808 million on Twitter in the third quarter of 2020. The NFL cornerback Prince Amukamara is an investor in Opendorse, which was founded by his former University of Nebraska teammates Adi Kunalic and Blake Lawrence.

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