Is “The Cuphead Show” acceptable for children?

Netflix’s take on Studio MDHR’s hit video game, Cuphead, is almost there. In February, the streaming service will release a cartoon series, titled The Cuphead Showwith animation styles inspired by 1930s Fleischer cartoons. The Cuphead Show The trailer teases a wacky and fun adventure, but is it appropriate for kids to watch?

Cuphead and Mugman on ‘The Cuphead Show’ | netflix

What is “The Cuphead Show” about?

The Cuphead Show follows two brothers named Cuphead (voiced by Tru Valentino) and Mugman (Frank Todaro), a pair of anthropomorphic mugs. Cuphead tends to be more impulsive, while Mugman tends to follow Cuphead’s lead cautiously. This often leads the brothers into trouble in their hometown of the Inkwell Islands.

The trailer, as seen below, teases an encounter with the devil at a local carnival, called CarnEvil. When Cuphead and Mugman discover the devil’s plot to steal souls via a game of skeeball, they must escape his wrath before he can steal their souls too.

The cartoon follows a storyline similar to the video game, where Cuphead and Mugman must collect souls after a deal with the devil goes wrong. A part of Cuphead secondary characters and bosses will appear, such as Elder Kettle and King Dice. However, those who haven’t played the game should still be able to follow along and enjoy The Cuphead Show.

‘The Cuphead Show’ is ‘safe’ for kids to watch

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Cuphead designers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer designed The Cuphead Show be more for adults, but it’s still okay for kids to watch too. In a 2019 interview, Chad revealed to IGN what they had in mind for the cartoon.

“It’s safe for kids, but written in a way that there are also things that adults find fun and appeal to a wider audience,” he said. “It’s not a toddler show or a little kids cartoon. …the showrunners]are aiming for the same kind of vibe that the game hints at. They’re going to take that idea and expand it.

Later, Jared compared the plot style to Mickey Mouse cartoons. The episodes do not necessarily mix, which could make it easier to keep track of children. The show will also not be directly related to the game.

“In any episode, Mickey Mouse could have been a pilot, a hot dog seller, or a musician. There’s not this intention that the two have to fit together and fit together,” Jared said.

Cuphead itself is not necessarily inappropriate for children either. According to Common Sense Media, the game is best suited for ages 8 and up. However, he gained a reputation for being extremely difficult. The Cuphead Show might be a fair alternative for kids (and adults) interested in the game’s story rather than its gameplay.

What is the age range for “The Cuphead Show”?

The Cuphead Show the official age rating is TV-Y7, which means it’s best suited for ages 7 and up. According to Age Rating Juju’s parent’s guide, the series contains “lots of animated violence, crude humor, and evil characters.”

Is “The Cuphead Show” scary?

In terms of horror factor, The Cuphead Show isn’t necessarily meant to be scary. However, some episodes have horror-themed imagery like ghosts, skeletons, and monsters. Some of these scenes can be seen in the trailer.

The Cuphead Show premieres on Netflix on February 18.

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