Jason Kidd and the late-game free throw scenarios are a roller coaster ride

A late-game situation between the Dallas Mavericks and the San Antonio Spurs would have given Milwaukee Bucks fans a blast from the past.

With 2.7 seconds left and Mavericks goaltender Jalen Brunson on the free throw line, Kidd asked Brunson to miss the second attempt with the Mavericks hanging on to a 109-108 lead.

San Antonio didn’t have any more time-outs, so the theory would be that by forcing Spurs to bounce the ball, you’d be leaving them in a situation where an all-field heave is their only option.

If Brunson did the free throw, the Spurs would have a more controlled situation with some time to find an out pass that could at least allow them to shoot closer to the basket.

The only problem was Brunson failed to hit the rim on the free throw, giving Spurs the ball from the baseline anyway.

The Mavericks won the game, so all is well and ends well …

“I probably messed him up there at the end, telling him to miss the free throw so I owe him a point,” Kidd said after the game.

While he may have unwittingly ruined Brunson’s focus, the idea was correct, he just didn’t count on him missing the rim altogether.

This isn’t the first time Kidd has answered questions after the game after asking a player to miss a free throw.

In December 2017, Kidd asked Milwaukee Bucks forward Khris Middleton to miss a free throw with 1.4 seconds on the clock and the Bucks were leading 119-116.

“We will take the bet from someone who will do it on the other side of the ground”, Kidd said. “If we did that free throw our luck is they get it in the half court and we foul the 3 point shooter and it’s a four point game. We will give it a shot. with them by lifting a full ground shoot. ”

No one understood why a Milwaukee defenseman would challenge a shot to reduce a four-point deficit to a one-point deficit, but the Bucks won so everything is fine, it ends well …

Kidd holds a 2-0 as a head coach in matches that end with educated chess at the charity strip, so I guess you can’t complain about that.

It’s worth plugging into it though.

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