Jeremy Toeman on how Moviedle is more than just a Wordle clone

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AugX Labs and 12:01 Games Founder Jeremy Toeman believe that ultimately the best gaming experiences start with a simple idea; spread joy. This thesis has taken Toeman and his company to new heights, and with millions of active users around the world, 12:01 Games continues to push the boundaries of conventional gaming experiences everywhere.

We have this cover sat down with Toeman in April to discuss the overnight success of his Wordle-inspired guessing game, Moviedle, and what came next for the nascent publisher. Well, now is the time, because the minds behind Moviedle have teamed up with the entertainment hub. Likewise, as12:01 Games seeks to put its own spin on the recommendation service and beyond.

“Every time you play (our games) you get a little happier,” Toeman said at the start of our exclusive interview. And after hearing more about the Bill Gates-backed media app, Like TV, 12:01’s partnership with the startup seems like a real heavenly encounter.

Operation in the same way is simple; Using predictive artificial intelligence and an enthusiastic network of users and developers, Like is able to share streaming recommendations based on your unique tastes – giving personalized suggestions for TV, movies, books and movies every day. podcasts.

However, these are not just recommendations. Likewise, it is also about facilitating discussion, which is why they allow their users to interact and help each other to find new entertainment. The only problem is, what happens once you find that hit show? What keeps users on the app until they come back for more content? This is where Toeman and 12:01 Games come in.

“They (also) decided to build something they now call the similar arcade. And the basic idea is to turn those games into discovery,” Toeman explains. He goes on to add, “Because their platform form is so smart, you can start exploring to find new movies, books and podcasts based on your gaming preferences.”

The symbiotic relationship between the companies has apparently paid off, with users constantly flocking to Like to get their gaming fix. These “microgames,” as Toeman calls them, are meant to be fun, non-invasive bits. Daily puzzles to solve that don’t interfere with your schedule and give you a brief moment of fun.

“You play these games in a minute and then go on with your day, right? We’ve always talked about how many millions of minutes of joy we create each month, and if we use that to measure our performance, then that’s a success.

Since the launch of Moviedle, 12:01 Games has added two more daily puzzles to its lineup which has grown exponentially.

The first is a very popular picture guessing game called Posterdle, where players are tasked with guessing a movie based on its pixelated poster photo. Over time, the poster becomes clearer, forcing you to test how quickly you can name this movie.

Posterdle is as addictive as it is unique and has become one of the most played games of the year by Like and 12:01. The other, a Posterdle spin-off, is explicitly geared towards Netflix titles. Nflxdle works in exactly the same way, where Netflix posters become clearer as players guess. If that sounds daunting, fear not; Toeman assured us that it’s easier than it looks.

“If you like movies, you probably have Netflix. It’s still the number one streaming platform in the world, and I’m constantly amazed at how many Nflxdle games I win right after scrolling through Netflix in the past.

When discussing the future of the microgaming craze, Toeman remains optimistic. “The microgaming space is here to stay, and if I were to take a bet, I think each individual game will have a shorter lifespan than regular games,”

He went on to say, “If I buy a console or a mobile game, I’m going to play it until I’m done. With microgames, you might only invest in them for four to six weeks, or like some players, you might have a year-long streak. I think people will experiment more and find what they like.

Labors of love seem to be what surrounds the 12:01/Alike partnership, and Toeman couldn’t be happier. He kept pretty tight-lipped when it came to discussing what other games they had on the horizon, but had this to say about what to expect for the future: “We have three more playstyles that we started to build over the rest of the year, so we love that relationship, and I think fans will see a lot more of that to come.

Today, AugX Labs, the parent company of 12:01, begins unveiling a new system that aims to streamline the content creation process for YouTube, TikTok and beyond.

Although most of the information surrounding his latest project is highly classified, Toeman shared that their new venture has begun wrapping up Alpha testing and is rapidly moving towards beta. This ambition and drive is due, in large part, to the people Toeman has brought together to make AugX Labs possible. “It’s the best team I’ve ever put together.” He gushed: “So we’re moving at lightning speed.”

AugX Labs seeks to take the tedious work out of creating video content, all with the goal of promoting creativity and having more fun. According to Toeman, the time saved in the editing room leaves room for creative decisions that otherwise could not be made during some of the most arduous processes involved in filmmaking.

“We’re able to see people doing video understanding how much easier the experience could be,” Toeman says. “I know we keep coming back to this, but our mission is to create joy through creators and consumers. Everything we do supports this idea. We have to.

It’s clear that Jeremy Toeman and the folks at AugX Labs are looking to make a truly positive impact on the entertainment industry with their innovative technologies. And, it looks like the creation of 12:01 Games is just the start of that driving goal. All we can do now is wait and see what the future holds for the developer and all of his wild creations.

When asked if he felt like the Willy Wonka of microgames, Toeman left us unharmed: “Maybe, but…I can’t do the somersault like him.”

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