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If you told Nate Schmidt he would have six days between games in the NHL, the Winnipeg Jets defenseman said that would probably mean he would fly to a beach somewhere.

That’s because under normal circumstances this long stretch usually means his team is on vacation, creating the rare in-season opportunity for players to step away from the ice. But these are not normal times, and Schmidt is not wearing anything from Tommy Bahama.

Instead, as COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc in Canada and around the world, as cases increase daily, the Jets have taken action to postpone matches in hopes health protocols end. by loosening up. As it stands, participation in the Canada Life Center has been limited to 250 people until February 1.

This type of turnout limit is a big blow to the bottom line when it comes to door income, so the home games have been postponed to a later date, when more people might be allowed to attend. That included Saturday’s tilt against the Seattle Kraken, as well as Monday against the Minnesota Wild.

The result is almost a week off between games, with practice scheduled to fill the gap. Along with other forms of entertainment.

“It’s kind of like training camp,” Schmidt said after practice on Saturday.

“But at the same time, I can’t wait to catch up on some TV shows. Harry potter meeting on HBO, I’m excited for this. I watched half of it last night and I’m going to watch half of it tonight. The book of a Boba Fett episode 2 comes out. I’ll try to do some of these things, maybe get a new book. We bought a house here. So, I go through a few things from the house. ”

He added: “You can kind of unplug for a minute and recharge and get ready after what seems like a long journey for us for the foreseeable future.”

The Jets, who are 16-12-5, one point behind the Edmonton Oilers for second wild card in the Western Conference, play their next game in Detroit against the Red Wings on Thursday night. After that, with back-to-back home games against the Ottawa Senators and Oilers on January 15 and 16 also postponed, Winnipeg embarked on a four-game road trip, starting in Washington on January 18.

Jets forward Andrew Copp said the time can be used to hone your skills on the ice, while also taking care of your body off the ice. Copp noted that it was also a chance to regain a good sleep pattern. The Jets arrived from Denver following a 7-1 bombardment against the Avalanche on Friday morning and Copp said his body clock was still out of control.

“When you fall asleep at 4am, it’s really hard to fall asleep at 10pm the next night. I think a lot of guys were a little tired this morning, maybe they didn’t sleep well. the last two nights, ”Copp said. . “We still have five or six days until our next game. That’s something you have to deal with. Part of it is about eating the right things at the right time. Our guys are pretty good about it all season long. , we have to be, but it’s important to stick with that and not think “we have a game in a week so that I can relax not only in this area, but in any area”.

Since Dave Lowry replaced Paul Maurice as head coach of the Jets, the training sessions have multiplied. What were once 40-45 minute workouts now often overshadows the hour. This trend continued on Saturday and is expected to stay in place over the next period, with days off strewn with dots.

Rest will also be essential, especially for defender Dylan DeMelo and striker Jansen Harkins, both of whom remain in COVID protocol. Forward Paul Stastny and defenseman Logan Stanley were also absent from practice on Saturday, each with a lingering lower-body injury.

“We’re going to incorporate drills that look like the game, they’re going to be competitive and they’re going to be going in and around the net. How do we score goals, but also how can we defend on our side as well?” Said Lowry.

“One of the perks and one of the bonuses that you have at this time of year is that you have the ability to let some of the bumps and bruises heal. When you get the games stacked like we’re going to do, You’re not going to have these days, so it all becomes about managing the schedule, managing your practice time.

“We will take full advantage of the opportunity we have to practice right now, knowing that after the Detroit game we will have a few more days, then the games will start to stack up and then it will be played. then we’ll spend and do a lot of video teaching. ”

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