John Cena responds to his own skin in Fortnite

epic games released another famous cosmic outfit in Fortnite and now it’s from the famous WWE 16 times world champion John Cena. The battle royale the game continues to feature their super exciting crossover events with attractive skin sets and outfits. Now that Fortnite came with outfit set John Cena and is now available in the Item Shop.

Shocked by the fact, John Cena, the famous WWE legend took to Twitter and thanked the Fortnite gaming community for adding his skin to the game.

John Cena’s Outfit Set is now available in the in-game Item Shop

The famous WWE legend’s outfit set has already launched in-game as part of the Epic Summer Slam on the July 28 and you can purchase the skin and outfits from the Fortnite Item Shop.

With this set of outfits, Fortnite also brought a special signature to John Cena’s emote”You can not see me“, the title of WWE Champion black bling and Five DIGIT Slapper Pickaxe.

Image via Epic Games

The famous is that of the signature slogan namely You can’t C me where the character makes a sign with his bare hand signifying that he is too fast and could easily beat his opponent. John Cena’s outfit set perfectly captures the famous wrestler’s confident energy with two outfits: the Dressed entry equipment and shirtless crown.

Seeing the overwhelming response from Fortnite Game, the 16-time World Wrestling Champion took to Twitter and expressed his gratitude to the game developer for adding his own skin into the game.

You can enjoy the iconic wrestler John Cena skin by purchasing the outfit from the Fortnite Item Shop to enjoy cool features and experience the famous wrestler’s special signature emote.

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