King’s College Game Creator

King’s College and Preparatory School has its own game maker.

Fourteen-year-old Jaren de Villiers recently put his creativity to the test by creating his own card game, Cosmic Clash.

According to Jaren, the card game that has power-up and character cards, forces players to strategically defeat all of their opponents’ cards by attacking them while they do the same.

He added that the idea for the game originated when he realized that collectible cards such as Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! has become expensive. “I thought ‘Why don’t I do mine?’ I worked on it for about two months and was inspired by people on YouTube who are also making their own games, ”he said.

Today, Jaren’s family and friends love to play the game – he was even beaten by his mother in a round.

Jaren de Villiers hopes to see more people playing his game. Photo: Supplied

“My family and I even hosted a tournament where the winner got the most powerful card ever: Dimension Defense Force. Everyone loves it, my sister even thinks I’m cheating.

When not playing their own card game, the Grade 8 student enjoys other card games such as Pokémon, Star Wars, and Yu-Gi-Oh !, and sometimes even chess, ladies and Monopoly.

“I find it great fun having limited resources and using them strategically while trying to guess my opponent’s strategy.”

Details: 011 462 3620.

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