Klay Thompson explains incredible pre-game routine involving video games and pool

Klay Thompson might be one of the NBA’s most laid-back superstars.

It’s no surprise, then, that his pre-game ritual is just as cold, even before a decisive game in the Western Conference Finals.

Speaking to reporters after the Warriors knocked out the Dallas Mavericks in a 120-110 Game 5 win at Chase Center on Thursday night, Thompson laid out his routine without giving too much away.

And as you’d expect, it involved some of his favorite things: water, his bulldog Rocco, and a bit of Nintendo. What doesn’t that imply? Anything related to basketball.

“I ate a great breakfast,” Thompson began. “I don’t want to give away all my secrets, but before I even start my day, I jump into my 65 degree pool to wake up and I’m so lucky to have a pool.

“And then I just play with Rocco, maybe I play a Nintendo and I just try not to watch basketball or basketball media, because that’s how I clear my mind , just doing other things that occupy my time that are fun, and I have to continue this routine for the next series.

Between the pool, her adorable dog and video games, Thompson’s pre-game routine resembles an average late spring day on the bay. And judging by his commentary leaving the podium on Thursday night, the Splash Brother isn’t missing out on the latter.

Thompson’s routine may seem too nonchalant to some, but after his 32-point performance en route to the Warriors’ sixth NBA Finals appearance in eight seasons, Dub Nation certainly has no problem with what their star guard wants to do. before a game.

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In fact, Thompson should definitely keep his pre-game ritual intact during the Finals if he produces similar results, much to Rocco’s delight.

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