Lake Oswego, Oregon falls 14-6, eliminated by New Hampshire in Little League Baseball World Series: Recap

UPDATE: Hooksett defeats Lake Oswego 14-6 to advance as the Oregon team are eliminated from the Little League Baseball World Series.


6th round

Sixth at the bottom, Crew Corry arrives at the base with a starting march. Jackson Caylor collapses on a flight. Beckett Heher stumbled in front of home plate and got two runners for Oregon with 1 out. Cole Sturgeon comes to the plate, cushions and nearly beats the pitch but advances the two runners. Two outs for Ryan Warhank and he flies to the center to end the game. Lake Oswego falls at Hooksett, 14-6.

Top 6th and Uecker still on the bump for LO. Ryson Michaud is the first hitter and he throws a solo right field shot for the homerun. 13-6 for Hookset on LO now. Tyler Chauvette cushions and beats the pitch after an official review of the Coaching Challenge. Chauvette came second on a fly out, then third on a wild throw. Acevedo is short, but he brings another run to give Hooksett a 14-6 lead over LO. Dom LaBranche retired at the end of the round.

5th round

Down 5th, Acevedo still on the mound for Hooksett and he takes out the first two batters at bat, but then Ellis Bayne and Chase Kelly walk in and Ben Robertson charges the goals with a single. Bases loaded for Ethan Uecker with 2 outs. He works the count at 3-2 but takes off and that ends the round. Still 12-6 Hooksett leading LO towards 6th.

Top 5th, Ethan Uecker still on the hill for Lake Oswego. He got two consecutive strikeouts but gave up a single to Hooksett’s Tristan Lucier. His twin brother Calen Lucier is next and he RIP a 2 point home run to the right. Hooksett now leads 12-6 on LO. Groundout completes the top half of the round.

4th round

At bottom 3rd, Chase Kelly gets a first single for Lake Oswego. Ben Robertson is fouled. Ethan Uecker is next and he comes out in the middle. Crew Corry comes to plate and he manages to put two runners for LO. Jackson Caylor then moved to 3-2, then was brought in to load the bases for Beckett Heher. Unfortunately for LO, Heher hits by swinging 3 runners. Hooksett’s lead is 10-6 towards 5th.

Top 4th, LO’s Corry crew takes a hell of a dive to stop a hard ground player and places him 2nd in strength, but officials are reviewing him after a challenge from coaches and said the baseman’s foot had come loose from the bag. Difficult break for Oregon. The next batter goes to second where LO gets the strength, but the pitch at first is wild and a runner scores for Hooksett. Uecker and LO recover for the next two outs but Hooksett now leads LO 10-6.

3rd round

Down 3rd, Kell VanDehey started with a single for Lake Oswego. DeVall hits Cook but a wild shot leads VanDehey to take 2nd. Warhank strikes to elevate Ellis Bayne who will face a new pitcher in Jacoby Acevedo. Acevedo hits Bayne on 3 throws to end the round. Still 9-6 for Hooksett heading towards the 4th.

Top 3, Ethan Uecker takes over on the mound of Lake Oswego. He gets land, but then walks Dom LaBranche. Mason DeVall then sends a ball to the center for a brace to put the runners in position to score. The next batter is put out on the ground, but runs a run. Uecker recovers to get a pitch to complete the first half of the round. Hooksett adds a point to lead LO 9-6.

2nd round

Downstairs, Crew Corry, Ezra Carlston, and Beckett Heher all make their way to the base with rides that bring Oregon a bit of life. This prompts a mound visit for DeVall. Cole Sturgeon alone to lead in the 1st round of Oregon. DeVall recovers to take out Luke Smith and Ellis Bayne, but Chase Kelly’s ground player is mismanaged and another run for Lake Oswego scores. Ben Robertson then goes up and he throws a right shot where an error leads to 3 three points for LO. Another mistake led to riders 1st and 3rd for Crew Corry who in singles to drive in another for Oregon! DeVall finally gets to the final, but Oregon is back in this game where Hooksett leads Lake Oswego 8-6. It was a 6-run inning on just three hits for Lake Oswego, but four Hooksett errors made it happen.

Still Top 2nd and Lake Oswego really struggling. Some errors lead the baserunners to move to scorer position in 2nd and 3rd. A single from Ryson Michaud scores another point to bring the score to 8-0 for Hooksett against LO. Robertson recovers to get 2K which completes the first half of the round.

Top 2nd, Braden Connolly hits hard to cross for a brace. Jacoby Acevedo single to put the runners in 1st and 3rd. Next batter is Calan Murphy who scores a single to make it 3-0 for Hooksett against LO. DeVall single to lead the runner in 2nd place to bring the score to 4-0. Tristan Lucier is next and he BREAKS a deep for a 3-point homerun to bring the score to 7-0. The game is getting out of reach for Oregon. Calen Lucier then climbs up and he doubles, prompting Robertson to visit a light mound to reassure the LO pitcher.

1st round

Bottom 2nd, Mason DeVall on the mound leaving for Hooksett. Ellis Bayne leads things for LO, first. Pursue Kelly then, he knocks. Ben Robertson at home with 2 outs, he lines up a single down center field for Oregon’s first hit. Ethan Uecker lines up to finish 1st.

Three straight hits for Hookset to start this game after Tristan Lucier slapped a single to right field. Robertson recovers to get a flyout, strikeout, and Grounder for a forced takeout in the second to end the top half of the 1st inning. Still, Hooksett leads LO 2-0 at #LLWS.

Ben Robertson on the mound starting for Lake Oswego today against Hookset (New Hampshire) in #LLWS. Dom LaBranche gets a single on a 3-2 field. Next batter is Mason DeVall and he CLICK 2 point RH to center left. Hooksett leads 2-0 over LO in the top 1, not yet released.

• Summarize the Box score Oregon vs New Hampshire


The representative of the North West region, Lake Oswego Little League from Lake Oswego, Oregon, face the New England team represented by the North Manchester-Hooksett Little League as Little League Baseball World Series Game 18 resumes today and the first pitch arrives at 4:30 p.m. PT / 7:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday, August 24 with a live broadcast on ESPN.

You can watch Little League Oregon vs New Hampshire game live for FREE with fuboTV (free try)


If you can’t be there to support the Lake Oswego Little League, here’s how you can watch them:

who: North West Region (Lake Oswego LL) vs New England Region (North Manchester-Hooksett LL)

What: Game 18 of the 2021 World Little League Series | Full tournament support

When: 4:30 p.m. PT / 7:30 p.m. ET Tuesday, August 24

Or: Howard J. Lamade Stadium in Williamsport, Pennsylvania


Watch the game live online: You can watch this game and more live for FREE with fuboTV (free try). You can also get the games on Hulu + Live (free trial) or Sling TV (promotional offers) or AT&T TV (promotional offers), if you have run out of fuboTV trials, or if you simply prefer these platforms and their pricing plans. You can also watch this match live on Watch ESPN with your cable or satellite provider ID.


# 3 – Ellis Bayne, outfielder

# 4 – Crew Corry, pitcher / shortstop

# 5 – Ezra Carlston, outfield / shortstop

# 6 – Chase Kelly, first baseman / pitcher

# 7 – Cole Sturgeon, second baseman

# 8 – Jackson Caylor, receiver / third baseman

# 9 – Nate Cook, outfield

#ten – Ryan Warhank, second baseman / outfield

# 12 – Ethan Uecker, third baseman / catcher / pitcher

# 13 – Kell VanDehey, outfielder

# 14 – Beckett Heher, third baseman / pitcher / outfield

# 15 – Luke Smith, outfield

# 17 – Ben Robertson, third baseman / pitcher / catcher

Director: Chris Kelly

Coaches: Tony Sturgeon, Brad Smith

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