Lower Decks gets a mobile video game

Star Trek: Lower Decks fans will be thrilled to hear they’re getting a video game!

Star Trek: Lower Decks is one of five current Star Trek offerings from Paramount that fans can watch on the Paramount+ app. It’s a mature animated comedy that follows the crew of the USS Cerritos, and it’s found its way into the fandom. It’s no surprise, then, that East Side Games Group is teaming up with Paramount and Viacom CBS Consumer Products to develop and publish a mobile game based on the animated property.

The Lower Decks video game will be called Star Trek: Lower Decks: The Badgey Directive and will be available for Android and iOS users. The game will feature characters and storylines from the series while trying to include other narratives from the wider Trek universe as well. It will use ESGG’s Game Kit-Idle technology to bring the show to life for fans, with Australian studio Mighty Kingdom Limited co-developing the game alongside ESGG.

The game is expected to launch this year.

The Star Trek: Lower Decks video game will try to copy the show perfectly

Fans of the series will be happy to know that the press release promises to set the tone and humor of the game, and will be done in the same style as the show. The game will be free to play, but players should expect microtransactions to support the game. This is the standard process for mobile games.

The Lower Decks game will join other Star Trek games, like Fleet Command, Timelines, and Star Trek: Legends, all of which have enjoyed success on mobile devices since their launch. Other shows East Side has made games for include Archer, The Goldbergs, It’s Always Sunny, Trailer Park Boys, and a short story featuring The Office.

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