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Striker Ryan Edmondson started his first league game in just under a month against Rochdale this afternoon and his early season bad luck streak struck again in the first minute, with an awkward tangle that ultimately led to his removal from the playing field.

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6 hours ago

“The problem today was Ryan Edmondson,” confirmed manager Paul Simpson. “He twisted his ankle very early in the game and had to retire.

“He wasn’t substituted because of the mistake, he just couldn’t move his feet properly. He kept telling me he was fine, but we could see he wasn’t running good.

“Maybe I have to raise my hand and say I should have taken him out sooner, so he wouldn’t be put in this situation for their goal, but he kept saying he was fine.

“Sometimes when you twist your ankle it’s really painful, but you can get over it after a few minutes.

“He was in too much pain and went home in a medical boot, so we’ll see how he is on Monday.”

“It was a challenge that happened very early in the game when he chased their centre-back into the corner,” he continued. “He gave a stupid free kick, pushed the player in the back when he wasn’t going anywhere, and when the defender went down he did a bit of a scissor on Ryan’s ankle and he got twisted.

“That’s what caused the problem, and we knew that, so I kept asking him how he was doing. He said he was fine, he wanted to run away, but we got to a point where it was too much for him.

“He was frustrated when he left, but I haven’t spoken to him yet. Sometimes, with this stuff, it’s better to let it go, let the dust settle, and I’ll talk to him tomorrow or Monday to see how he’s doing.

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12 hours ago

“I thought when Omari came he made an impact, although he got tired towards the end of the game. That’s where the team comes in and I hope they’re good enough to deal with these things.

On Callum Guy’s absence, he commented: “He had his groin done in training on Tuesday morning with almost the last thing he did. He hit a ball and felt it.

“I’m told he’s a level one strain, lasting between a week and ten days, so we expect him to join training at the end of next week and return for the next game on next Saturday. We’ll just have to see how he is.

“It’s annoying to get injured, but that’s part of the game, part of what we have to accept and understand that it’s going to happen. I would really like to have a race where we can have a clear path, and I can take selection decisions because everyone is available.

“It happens throughout the team unfortunately. I guess that’s the nature of our game right now. We’re obsessed with injury prevention and being careful and making sure the players are right and all that kind of stuff.

Defender Paul Huntington started his second game for the club, which once again looked the part, particularly when he scored his first goal for the hometown club.

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September 2, 2022

“I don’t care what happened hundreds of years ago, it’s in the past. I know people weren’t very happy when I left the club, but that changed for me.

“Football is a really temperamental game and Hunts has shown in the way he came into the club and the way he runs his business that he wants to be here. He tries to do the right things and once that he will be in great shape, he will be a very good addition for us.

“The fans celebrated with him and showed their appreciation full time again, and rightly so. We all do things in the past that are things in the moment. You just have to live with it.

“He represented a very big football club, but many years ago they were the years of the donkey. It doesn’t matter now. He showed his commitment to this club, showed his desire to want to come here, play, get things done and I was absolutely thrilled with him in terms of professionalism, leadership, performance and brilliant he’s going and score a goal .

“I think he could get quite a bit for us because he’s brilliant at reading the flight of the ball from set plays. We’ve got people like Owen Moxon, Jordan Gibson, Callum Guy, Jamie Devitt, who can put some bullets into areas so people like him can attack.

“Now we need to get more players to want to go score, to have that desire to go score. If they do, we will score more and more goals.

And Jamie Devitt followed up his 90 minutes on Tuesday with another excellent contribution this afternoon.

“He was brilliant and I thought he did well the other night as well,” the gaffer told us. “I wanted to bring him in at some point. I chose to go with Jayden Harris because of his legs and the way he goes up and down the court.

“He got to the stage where he needed a bit of a change and Dev played a great ball on the outside. Jordan does what he does and we got the goal out of it. Hopefully we can keep Dev involved and continue to have an impact from him.

“I know what he is capable of. I just wanted legs and energy to start with. I think of the luck at the end of the first half when Omari just put it wide after their defender touched down, but it comes from Jayden Harris’ pressing, his long legs winning things and then putting of a quality ball in the area.

“Jayden brought some things. I just felt like when we got lost in the game, Dev’s experience and ball-holding ability would give us a bit more.

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