Manufacturer of living biological tissue for skin care wins P&G innovation challenge

Two skincare entrepreneurs took on a drug developer and a pediatric allergy start-up in P&G Ventures’ fifth innovation challenge, held online on July 14, 2021. The Four Executives presented their products to a panel of judges and answered questions about their business. strengths and promises for the future. At the end, Ohad Bendror (Curves) of NanoSpun Technologies was selected as the winner, taking home $ 10,000 and a chance to partner with P&G Ventures to continue developing their company’s product.

Bendror, who has run NanoSpun since its inception in 2011, competed with Juliana Carvalho, co-founder of the skincare company OneSkin, which offers a topical supplement designed to extend the life of your skin; David Dill, CEO and Chairman of Wellesley Pharmaceuticals (creator of a pill for low bladder capacity that reduces the frequency of night trips to the toilet); and Daniel Zakowski, CEO / co-founder Ready-to-use food, which focuses on measures to prevent food allergies in children.

Ohad Bendror (top left) answers questions from the judges.

“We are honored and delighted to have been selected as the winners of the P&G Ventures Innovation Challenge 2021, from among this special and impressive group of companies and entrepreneurs,” said Bendror. “We thank P&G Ventures and the judges for supporting us and sharing our vision to revolutionize cell-based skin care and beyond. We look forward to continuing to work closely with P&G Ventures and are delighted to build a strong win-win partnership. “

NanoSpun Technologies, which has facilities in Israel and the United States, develops living and unique biological tissues for skin care, medical and industrial applications. The company claims that its “breakthrough products and technologies transform biology into engineered solutions, deliver ultimate control over biological cells, and harness the power of biology for everyday use as well as advanced medical solutions.

The company’s intellectual property encompasses patents, craftsmanship and proprietary production, Bendror said.

NanoSpun is initially focusing on the cosmetics space, according to Bendror, with live active skin care mask products based on bioprinting technology.

“Skin care is just the tip of the iceberg,” he said during the question-and-answer session. “This ability to integrate living cells, including other medical applications and other types of applications based on cellular activities.”

The jury was Alex Betancourt, vice president of P&G Ventures, Anu duggal, founding partner of Female Founders Fund; Mike Jensen, Senior Vice President of R&D at P&G Ventures, and Michael olmstead, Plug and Play Revenue Director.

While the judges deliberated, P&G Ventures hosted a conversation with a serial entrepreneur Clarence wooten.

Wooten is the only African American to have founded and led two internet startups in acquisitions by publicly traded companies. He is the co-founder and general partner of Revitalize, a venture capital studio focused on transforming the complexion of technology by creating disruptive software startups led by diverse teams.

All competition finalists will join alumni of past innovation challenges in P&G Companies‘Alumni Group, noted P&G Ventures. This gathering of entrepreneurs will continue to receive training, support and resources from P&G Ventures, as well as the opportunity to network among some of the most promising CPG startups in a variety of industries.

Lauren Thaman of P&G and the jury.

“These innovation challenges have become a key way for P&G Ventures to connect with brands, companies and startups in the rapidly evolving consumer goods space,” Betancourt said in a statement after the competition. “P&G is committed to improving the lives of our customers, and at P&G Ventures, we partner with startups that share this mission. We congratulate NanoSpun for winning our last challenge, and we congratulate all the finalists for their efforts. We can’t wait to see where you go with your innovations. ”

The innovation challenge is available to view here.

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