Mario Strikers Battle League Football’s second free update is out, bringing Diddy Kong and Pauline to the game

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football’s second major free update launched today, bringing with it a host of improvements as well as a new stadium and two new characters in the form of Diddy Kong and Pauline.

As promised in the recent Nintendo Direct, new characters as well as the Planetoid Stadium and the Barrel Gear Set have been added to the game, following the addition of Daisy and Shy Guy in the first update. Patch 1.2.0 also brings some gameplay fixes and improvements, which you can read about in the full patch notes below:

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football Ver. 1.2.0

Additional content

  • Added “Pauline” as a playable character.
  • Added “Diddy Kong” as a playable character.
  • Added “Planetoid” stadium.
  • Added “Barrel” gear set.

Added features

  • Added “Attacker Ranking” to the main menu. Compete by comparing your individual abilities over a fixed period of time with the “Skill Score”, which varies based on your performance in online matches (excluding Battle Friends).
  • Added the following content to “Strikers Club”.
    • You can now customize supporters in the stadium. Access this by going to “Club Management”? ” Stadium ” ? “Supporters”.
    • You can now use coins to see fireworks and confetti when you score a goal or when you win a match. Access this by going to “Club Management”? “Celebration of matches”.


  • Adjusted behavior so CPU teammates mark opponents faster.
  • Adjusted character order when switching characters.
  • Adjusted the charge time of Perfect Free Passes and Perfect Free Lob Passes.
  • Increased the number of coins and tokens you earn based on match results.
  • Changed the time period for a rule in Strikers Club, which states that a club will not be allowed to join a season if no member of a club has been online within a certain time frame of 90 days at 30 days.
  • Changed the number of ? Blocks that are thrown to the losing team at kick off 2 to 1 when the score difference is 2 points.
  • Adjusted the matchmaking system in online matches.
  • Several other adjustments have been made to game balance and several other issues have been fixed to improve the gameplay experience.

We gave Mario Strikers: Battle League Football a 7.5/10 in our review, saying, “Mario Strikers: Battle League is a fun time that’s easy enough to pick up and play, but still with enough depth to mean he should keep players engaged for a long period of time.

You can pick up the game yourself from Amazon for just $59 with free shipping.

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