Martha is Dead Voted Worst Video Game of 2022

New research reveals the biggest video game flops of 2022, with indie gaming Martha is dead emerging as the most disappointing of the bunch.

While not reflective of sales numbers or the overall commercial success of any given game, the Crypto Casinos study uses AI-powered social media “sentiment” data to analyze how players received each game – what the informal reviews, comments, chatter and buzz around the game was like at the time of its release. They then merged the data to come up with a list of the most disappointing games overall, as well as the lowest rated for each major gaming platform. Looking at the number of positive and negative blog and social media posts and web search volume around the month of each game’s release, Martha is dead comes out at the top (or bottom) of the pile, with over 31% of social media posts about the game being negative.

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In 2022, the gaming industry maintained an audience of over 3.2 billion, with the global video game market estimated at $197 billion. As video game development costs rise, those considered a “flop” can become extremely expensive. With this in mind, the study primarily aims to provide data to the industry itself, to inform decisions made by investors and publishers. The study will at least have some effect on which games get the green light in the future.

Crypto Casinos indexed the data from the different criteria used to score for each major category. Martha is dead scored the lowest across all platforms, having been mentioned in 33,552 social media posts so far this year, 31.30% of which were considered negative. It was also the lowest score on all major gaming platforms besides Switch, the only listed platform on which it was not released.

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Below is the full list, with the game’s score in parentheses.


1. Martha is dead (0.2871)

2. Recipe for Disaster (0.3215)

3. Monark (0.3462)

4. Electronic Football 2022 (0.5848)

5. DNF Duel (0.6569)


1. Martha is dead (0.2806)

2. Monark (0.3566)

3.eFootball 2022 (0.6303)

4. DNF Duel (0.6756)

5. Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel (0.7135)


1. Martha is dead (0.2921)

2. Evil Dead: The Game (0.7900)

3. Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel (0.8146)

4. Microsoft Flight Simulator: Top Gun Maverick DLC (0.9437)

5. Electronic Football 2022 (0.9467)

To change:

1. Monark (0.537)

2. Retrospective (0.685)

3. Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes (0.781)

4. Don’t Starve Together (0.891)

5. Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel (0.892)


1. Martha is dead (0.2889)

2. Recipe for Disaster (0.3249)

3. Monark (0.3458)

4. Electronic Football 2022 (0.5844)

5. DNF Duel (0.6624)

Whereas Martha is deadreleased in February by Wired Productions, came out as the “top” of the flops, it received somewhat more positive critical rating, with its lowest Metacritic score being 58 for the Xbox One version and 73 on the PC.

Source: Crypto Casinos

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