Marvel: 10 Villains Who Should Have Their Own Video Games

Video games based on superhero adventures have become increasingly popular over the past decade. Games like Marvel’s Spider Man do a great job describing what superhero life is like on a daily basis. One of the most important parts of these games are the supervillains, the bad guys who make it their mission to bring chaos and destruction to the lives of others.

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While it’s always hugely satisfying to make these criminals into heroes, many fans would like to know what it would be like to be in control of the other side of the story. Playing a video game where the protagonist is a notorious Marvel Universe supervillain would not only be hugely fun, but it would also have a lot of potential for original and creative storytelling, especially with the company’s iconic lineup of villains. .

ten Taskmaster skills would be fun to use

Anthony Masters has the ability to copy anyone’s moves if he only observes them for a short period of time. He was also injected with a version of the Super-Soldier Serum, making him even more fearsome. He used his talents to fight against several heroes, such as Spider-Man and Black Widow. Fights against these two, along with many others, would make great video game footage. Players could choose different fighting styles to use, even those of other famous Marvel characters.

9 A Doctor Doom game would be very interesting

There are so many reasons why a Doctor Doom-centric video game would be amazing. First, as the ruler of Latveria, players could make decisions about the policies of the small nation and even defend the Throne of Doom from any usurper. With Doom also being a supervillain, there could be many great conflicts against the Fantastic Four or the Avengers. These fights could implement a number of Doom skills, be they magical, technological, or cosmic in nature. The possibilities in a game like this would be almost limitless.

8 A carnage game would be similar to a Spider-Man game

Cletus Kasady is one of the most notorious supervillains in all of Marvel history. He is well known for spreading violence and chaos wherever he goes. Most of his horrific acts over the years have taken place in New York City while he was in conflict with Spider-Man.

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Considering the quality of a Marvel’s game Spider Man That is, it’s not too hard to imagine another episode, where instead of playing the famous web-slinger, fans take control of the Carnage symbiote instead. Swinging around New York City as a mad villain, while wreaking havoc and taking on the city’s many superheroes would be a blast.

7 The universe would be at Thanos’ fingertips

Thanos in Avengers: Endgame

A video game starring Thanos, The Mad Titan, as the protagonist would be the makings of a comic-based video game legend. The possibilities would be endless. Thanos is someone who travels the universe, always looking for new worlds to conquer. To play like him in these planetary invasions would be very entertaining. On top of that, players could hunt the Infinity Stones and master their abilities once they’ve been acquired. Players could also command many Thanos’ lieutenants, such as Corvus Glaive and Supergiant.

6 A gorgon game would follow its path of excellence

The Gorgon, whose real name is Tomi Shishido, has always been a prodigy. From an early age, he showed he was capable of accomplishing great feats, both mentally and physically. Unfortunately, he began to use his gifts to achieve his own selfish goals, which brought him into conflict with heroes such as Wolverine and Nick Fury. A video game campaign following the life of The Gorgon would be a great opportunity for great storytelling. There would also be plenty of room for some interesting gameplay mechanics, given how much of a swordsman he is and his mutant ability to turn people into stone.

5 Controlling Juggernaut would be exciting

Juggernaut Trait 2

With the blessings of the mighty Cyttorak, Cain Marko is literally an unstoppable wrecking ball. Once it starts to move it cannot be stopped. He also has exceptional strength, speed, and durability, which makes him even more menacing.

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A game that lets you put yourself in the shoes of a giant Juggernaut would be extremely fun to play. It would be interesting to see players being able to accept contracts donated by other Marvel villains, and of course, it would be extremely fun to be able to fight the Hulk and other heroes.

4 Chameleon has the perfect skills for stealth play

Dmitri Smerdiakov is the master of disguise in the Marvel Universe. He is extremely adept at impersonating people and their every behavior. He is also extremely good at making masks of people and he uses special clothing so that he can impersonate their body as well. A stealth game that focused on Chameleon skills and the player’s ability to sneak around, complete tasks, and trick heroes would be pretty fun. It would be even more fun to pretend to be other villains or even heroes.

3 Nimrod would be the ultimate RPG character

Players love and appreciate the ability to heavily customize their characters. RPGs, or role-playing games, generally provide this service to fans, allowing them to play the game exactly the way they want. Getting the mutant hunter robot known as Nimrod to be the main character in an RPG would be an incredible idea from any game developer. Nimrod is always adapting and getting smarter, which would allow for a very deep leveling and skill play system. Players’ arsenals are said to be constantly evolving, as they learn alongside their robotic counterparts in the game.

2 Players could pull off heists with Black Cat

Black Cat gold characteristic

Black Cat is said to be another Marvel villain who would play perfectly in his own stealth-focused video game. Felicia Hardy has always been a master thief. She pulled off some very impressive heists in her time as a Black Cat, while also avoiding legal penalties. Not only that, but she escaped capture by superheroes, such as Spider-Man. Felicia’s expertise would be perfectly displayed in video game format, and there is also some good story material to work with while having Spider-Man as an antagonist.

1 A Dark Souls game with Gorr would be amazing

The main aspect of Gorr The God Butcher’s personality is, unsurprisingly, that he hates the gods. This is what drives each of his actions, most of which relate to the hunting and killing of the many gods in the Marvel Universe. Therefore, it looks like he would be the perfect character to play in a Dark Souls-style game, where all boss fights are against different Marvel gods. Playing as All-Black wielding Gorr the Necrosword while fighting with Zeus or Thor would be intensely entertaining.

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