Monkey Island’s Return Teased By Creator Ron Gilbert

The creator of the original Monkey Island games tells his fans that he’s working on a new game in the franchise, but maybe he’s kidding.

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Ron Gilbert is a legend for adventure game fans. He is the game director for iconic classics including manic mansionthe first two monkey island games, and more recently The cave and Thimbweed Park. Gilbert’s next project is unknown, but he may have just told fans exactly what he’s been working on. In a recent post on Gilbert’s blog, he told readers that he was working on a new monkey island Game. There’s just one big catch, which is that Gilbert posted it on April Fool’s Day – but the story doesn’t end there.


Normally, an April Fool’s message would be instantly recognized as a joke. It wouldn’t be surprising if many Glibert fans saw his message on a new monkey island game and immediately dismissed it, but there is a problem with this interpretation. Gilbert has a long history of not expressly celebrating April Fool’s Day. In 2021, Glibert explained that his Grumpy Gamer blog “has been and always will be free for April Fool’s Day” for 17 consecutive years. Suffice to say, the situation is more opaque than a typical April Fool’s Day article would suggest.

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The Grumpy Gamer blog post for 2022 also acknowledges his long history of refusing to celebrate April Fool’s Day. The post reads: “For 18 years the Grumpy Gamer blog has been free for April Fool’s Day because it’s a dumb tradition. So to mix things up a bit, I’d like to take this opportunity to announce that I decided to make another one. monkey island. “The intention is to be enigmatic, obviously. The intention is to confuse the situation so that no one knows if Ron Gilbert is actually working on a new monkey island.


There doesn’t seem to be any immediately obvious evidence that could be used to dismiss Ron Glibert’s claim. Gilbert is working on an unknown project, after all. What’s been revealed via job postings has only confirmed that the studio is working on another point-and-click adventure game.

Regarding the monkey island license, the last known owner is, of course, Disney. the monkey island the games were published by LucasArts, which was included in Disney’s 2012 acquisition of Lucasfilm. In 2016, Glibert asked Disney to resell the franchise’s intellectual property to him. He also said at the time that recovering the monkey island The intellectual property would allow him to “create the game that I want to create”. Disney may have sold monkey island return to Gilbert in later years, or Disney may license monkey island back to him.

An interesting detail to consider is that Gilbert was recently directly involved in a monkey island Release. He signed over 7,000 certificates of arrest for the Limited Run Games release of the Monkey Island Anthology, produced in partnership with Disney. Maybe Gilbert was able to find something with Disney that came out of it. Here’s hoping that everyone monkey island fans around the world have a new project worth waiting for.

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Source: Grumpy Gamer

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