More video games could learn from the launch of Triangle Strategy

The genre strategy seems to be on the rise. Fire Emblem: Three Houses enjoyed major success not so long ago, PlayStation fans recently discovered a strategy game starring Marvel superheroes called Marvel’s midnight suns, and earlier in 2021, Square Enix revealed Triangle Strategy Project, a new HD-2D strategy game. Rather than dropping its original codename, Square Enix’s game just seems to pass Triangular strategy now, but it doesn’t necessarily need a new name to turn heads. Triangle Strategy turns heads as soon as it is announced by presenting itself as a spiritual successor to Final Fantasy Tactics with Octopath travelerthe artistic style of, which is appropriate since Octopathdevelopers are involved in Triangular strategy.

Luckily for fans interested in this combo, Square Enix has released a demo for Triangular strategy as soon as the match is announced. In the last Nintendo Direct, Square Enix reverted to Triangular strategy, thanking fans for the thousands of comments he had received from fans testing the game. Perhaps more importantly, Square Enix revealed how this is changing Triangular strategy to match fan comments. This is a fantastic gesture from Square Enix. Even if Triangular strategy is far from the first game to release a demo, very few games make drastic changes based on fan feedback. More studios should be so willing to hear the opinions of fans of their games.

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The excellent example of Triangle Strategy


The Square Enix approach Triangular strategy the demo was bold from the start. Many games are released for demos, but not all games receive a demo on the day they are released. In addition, the Triangular strategy The trailer explained the game in great detail, showcasing everything from the impact of the environment in combat to its choice-based storytelling. Square Enix was clearly keen to get opinions on Triangular strategy because, between the quick demo and the lengthy explanation of the game, he told fans ahead of time that he would collect their comments later.

Some seven months later, Square Enix revealed the results of its demo. A lot of things about Triangular strategy get upgrades based on the 25,000 fan surveys completed through the demo. Improvements stemming from the demo include better load times, more difficulty options, significantly expanded camera controls, dialogue upgrades, and more. The Triangular strategy The demo was clearly not intended as a marketing tool, showcasing Square Enix’s next product. On the contrary, the remarkable openness of Square Enix on its plans with Triangular strategy and his eagerness to work with fans sets a great example for other studios interested in releasing game demos.

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The triangular strategy and the power of feedback

triangular strategy interview

Each game’s fan base has the potential to offer refreshing perspectives on the game, and yet fans often don’t get a chance to speak until it’s too late. Cyberpunk 2077 serves as an excellent example. If CD Projekt Red had created a demo for Cyberpunk 2077 a few months before its release in an effort to garner fan feedback, its end state could have been very different. Executives and developers reportedly received negative feedback from fans while the game was still in development, potentially discouraging the studio from releasing the game prematurely. Cyberpunk 2077 could have avoided a lot of trouble by getting information from his community.

What’s done is done, of course. While a comment-based demo can’t help Cyberpunk 2077 now that could definitely help the next CD Projekt Red game, or any new game from any other studio. Triangular strategy will be a drastically different game thanks to the Square Enix demo, and that should be more than enough proof to other developers of the value of demo polls. It’s one thing to let players try a game before they buy it, but it’s another to improve a game after players have tested it. With a bit of luck, Triangular strategyThe demo model encourages other developers to follow in its footsteps.

Triangular strategy will be released on March 4, 2022 for Nintendo Switch.

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