Mortal Kombat Easter Egg pays homage to the game’s creators

Mortal Kombat 2021 is filled with Easter eggs, but one line of dialogue in particular refers to the creators of the original 1992 game.

Mortal combat 2021 is loaded with Easter eggs, including a flippant line spoken by Jax to Cole Young at the start of the film that references the original creators of the game. Mortal combat The franchise, both on the small and the big screen, has a long history of fourth wall-breaking references. One of those nods occurs early in the Simon McQuoid movie, when Jax first meets protagonist and series newcomer Cole Young and casually mentions his defeat of a fighter named Eddie Tobias.

While the tradition of Mortal combat contains countless characters, Eddie Tobias does not exist in the games, but is rather a mixture of the names Ed Boon and John Tobias, who created the first Mortal combat game in 1992. For years, Boon and Tobias got into the habit of inserting references to themselves and other crew members into the games, and later, the various multimedia adaptations. Signature of Scorpio “Toasty!” fatality, for example, is usually accompanied by the voice and face of composer and sound designer Dan Forden.

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Most notably, however, fans of the series will recognize the name Noob Saibot, who started out as a hidden character in games and has since grown into one of the more complex and meaty members of the series. Mortal combat cannon. A closer look will reveal that the character’s name is simply a combination of the creators’ last names, Boon and Tobias, spelled backwards. Nods like this show that Ed Boon and John Tobias’ fingerprints have been all over the show from the very beginning, right up to Boon voicing the iconic “Get over here!” From Scorpio!

Cole Young Mortal Kombat

References to the crew and creators of the series are not just a selfish pat on the back, but awe and appreciation for those who brought this beloved series to life. After nearly 30 years of signature blood and blood for the series, it might be easy to take these behind the scenes for granted, but references like this remind fans that this is a team effort and a work of art. love. Breaking the Fourth Wall like this also brings a much needed sense of lightness to a franchise that otherwise might seem too dark or unhappy, with the ever-increasing level of violence displayed throughout. Mortal combat.

Easter eggs contained in Mortal combat 2021 could have easily passed into pandering fan service, but the series has always done a fantastic job walking the line, weaving references subtly without beating audiences with them. Seeing winks and nods like Jax’s conversation with Cole can provide a little burst of joy to longtime fans, rewarding them for their attention all those years, before the bloodshed took hold. inevitably continues.

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