Netflix is ​​making one of the highest-rated games of 2022 free for subscribers

Movie and TV streaming service Netflix is ​​bringing its subscribers one of the highest rated video games of 2022.

by Sam Barlow Immortality is now free for Netflix subscribers. Netflix hasn’t had a ton of success in the gaming space, but that hasn’t stopped the streaming giant from trying. netflixThe company’s recent efforts have seen the company offer mobile games to its subscribers. This includes mobile games based on Netflix franchises like stranger thingsbut it also included unlicensed game projects.

For those who don’t know Immortalityit launched earlier this year to rave reviews from critics. Immortality is one of the highest rated new games of 2022, standing out among the other big releases of the year. From the creative mind of Sam Barlow, best known for His history and Tell lies, Immortality has a unique gimmick where players click on movie clips in an attempt to solve the mysterious disappearance of actress Marissa Marcel.


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Immortality Comments particularly praised the game’s narrative, although some noted that it can be difficult for many to access the narrative’s most intriguing moments. Anyway, Netflix subscribers on mobile devices can now check out Immortality for themselves without paying anything beyond their usual rate. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the Immortality the download size is 12GB on mobile, so some users may need to make room before giving it a shot.

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Immortality may get a lot more attention now thanks to the fact that it has been nominated for multiple awards at The Game Awards 2022. Immortality was nominated for Best Game Direction, Best Narrative and Best Performance, the latter being a nod to Manon Gage’s portrayal of Marissa Marcel. It is not clear if Immortality will actually win all the awards in light of some pretty stiff competition, but fans can find out by tuning in to The Game Awards on December 8.

Immortality is not the first time that one of Sam Barlow’s games has been nominated for the Game Awards. In 2015, the critically acclaimed His history was nominated for four awards and managed to win Best Story and Best Performance. It will be interesting to see if Immortality has similar success, especially since it has even higher review scores than His historybut the competition at this year’s event may be too great. Immortality has to face people like Ring of Elden and God of War Ragnarok in the different categories in which he is nominated, but he can very well create a surprise.

Immortality is available now for mobile, PC and Xbox Series X.

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