New Apex Legends April Fool’s Day Event Confirmed By Respawn Dev

Less than a week from April Fool’s Day, a developer from Respawn Entertainment confirms that a special event is planned for the occasion.

New Apex Legends April Fool's Day Event Confirmed By Respawn Dev

Video game developers are no strangers to pranking players who play their games during April Fool’s Day. Over the years, games have featured unexpected updates to celebrate April Fool’s Day, such as Monitoring giving his characters wide-eyed and Among us flipping his Skeld card. Not to be outdone, Apex Legends is known for shaking things up in his battle royale on April Fool’s Day.

Since its release in February 2019, Apex Legends has hosted several April Fool’s Day events. Past deceptions have included adding golden versions of the Mozambique shotgun and P2020 pistol to the game for a 24-hour period, making two of the game’s more disappointing weapons more viable for a short time. Based on these previous events, some fans are already wondering if the developers at Respawn Entertainment have any more unusual shenanigans in store for this year as well.


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Recently, a Apex Legends The content creator known as TiifaJessi decided to ask one of the developers at Respawn Entertainment what might be coming for an April Fool’s Day update. “April Fool’s Day event ideas?” she asked on Twitter. Surprisingly, Respawn lead producer Josh Medina was quick to respond. However, instead of giving possible ideas for April Fool’s Day, he revealed that the event had already been planned and was ready to go. “No, we’re already packed since it’s in 2 weeks,” he said.

While this response from Medina confirms that an event is in the works, it still leaves much of the details unknown. That being said, some players have already come up with intriguing concepts for an April Fool’s Day event at Apex Legends. Recently, a gamer known as Binkal on Reddit came up with a fun, albeit goofy, idea. For a 24-hour period, they suggested that players be allowed to equip any optic with any gun they choose. This would mean players could use some rather absurd combos like an R-99 with a variable 4x-8x sniper range.

Despite this recent confirmation of an event from Josh Medina, it looks like players will have to wait and see what happens on April Fool’s Day. Time will tell if the devs decided to take fan advice and implement this unusual weapon sight concept or if they developed a surprising update of their own. Whatever happens, this should be a nice change of pace from the normal gameplay experience featured in battle royale. Fortunately, Apex Legends fans don’t have long to wait as April 1st is less than a week away.

Apex Legends is available on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One, while a mobile version is available in select regions.

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