New free PlayStation Plus games revealed by Sony

PlayStation Plus is growing, which means many more “free” games are being added to the subscription service. The relevant question is how much and of what quality. Well, according to PlayStation Boss Jim Ryan, Sony has garnered participation from just about everyone, from big publishers to small indie teams. In total, PlayStation has gathered over 200 partners for the PlayStation Plus expansion, which Ryan says will result in a “really strong” lineup.

“We have big publishers, we have small independent publishers. We have over 200 partners working with us to bring their content to PlayStation Plus, so the lineup is going to be really strong,” Ryan said speaking to the Official PlayStation Podcast.

Ryan is one of the kings of PR parlance, so it’s always hard to take what he says at face value, but there’s no “200 Partners” PR strategy. 200 partners probably covers all the bases. Will it include Microsoft is the key question. Between its acquisitions of Bethesda and its next acquisition of Activision, Xbox is now the publisher of games and series like Call of Duty, Overwatch, Diablo, The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, and a ton of other IPs that, prior to these acquisitions, would have filled this newly expanded library. It remains to be seen whether Microsoft is one of these 200 partners.

Without the inclusion of games from PlayStation itself on day one of release, it’s hard to see this new, expanded version of PlayStation Plus competing directly with Xbox Game Pass, but it doesn’t have to. PlayStation Plus already has more subscribers and looks set to squeeze a page out of the Nintendo Switch Online playbook more than the Xbox Game Pass playbook.

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