Outer Worlds 2 trailer reveals surprise video game sequel

Obsidian has already finished the title!


One of the biggest surprises of the Xbox / Bethesda conference was the announcement of Outer Worlds 2, the sequel to the popular role-playing game from Obsidian Entertainment. The game was announced with a teaser filled with meta-commentary on the gaming industry and how the hype is built by game companies, a more than fitting way to celebrate a franchise that uses humor to make social comments.

The teaser pokes fun at the early announcements, having a narrator comment on some of the biggest tropes in video game trailers, also featured in the teaser itself. The opening, for example, shows a “calm and big setting” so that the game feels “big and important”. The serenity then has to be broken somehow, by the introduction of a big bad guy that the developers still don’t know they’re really putting into the game. The teaser has “people running around without reason, “” unnecessary slow-motion shots “and an” epic shot “on an alien world. All of this to boost pre-sales for a game that still doesn’t have a design, story, or gameplay ready to release. But they have a title!

A screenshot from The Outer Worlds

Image via private division

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Outer Worlds 2 The teaser is funny and provocative, just like the first game was. We still don’t have details on the sequel, but from Microsoft. Press release about the game we know it will be set in “a new star system with a new crew”. Dark comedy and the presence of big business as the source of all evil should be making a comeback, however, as the teaser doesn’t hold up when it comments on bad practices in the video game industry.

There is still no release date for Outer worlds 2. For now, we can only enjoy the meta-teaser below:

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