Overwatch 2 loses lead hero designer who’s been part of the franchise since launch

Overwatch 2 lead hero designer Geoff Goodman left Blizzard at some point this year, according to PC Gamer (opens in a new tab). Goodman was one of the most recognizable faces of the Overwatch team and has been a part of the game since it was just a reworked version of Blizzard’s canceled Project Titan.

Blizzard provided PC Gamer with an official statement regarding Goodman’s departure: “We thank Geoff for his many years of service to Blizzard and wish him all the best. His ability to bring Overwatch’s diverse roster of heroes to life through the gameplay was incredible, and the mark he left on the Warcraft and Overwatch teams will be felt for years to come.”

Other than former game director Jeff Kaplan, who left Blizzard in April 2021, you’d be hard pressed to find a better-known Overwatch developer than Goodman. He was responsible for many major hero designs and reworks, and was with the team as recently as June of this year, where he answered questions about the rollout of new Overwatch 2 heroes during a session of questions and answers with the press.

It’s unclear how much of a role Goodman played in new hero healer Kiriko, who looks a lot like a support version of the iconic DPS character Genji, or how much faster and deadlier Overwatch 2 heroes are. . But with Overwatch 2’s October 4 release date just weeks away and players still reeling from the news that heroes will be locked behind battle pass progression, that’s not the kind of news that fans wanted to hear.

Overwatch 2’s approach to new heroes is bad for players and the game.

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