Playdate Creator reveals free, no-code game development tool

Panic is releasing a no-code developer tool to help promote the Playdate and develop creations for the new handheld console.

Panic Inc., known to develop Fire watch and Untitled Goose Game, worked hard to release his own console – the Reading date. This portable console is unlike any other console on the market, with a 400×240 1 bit screen and hand crank. This means that the games should be specially designed for the Playdate, with the developers working on a free, no-code tool to help make developing games for the Playdate even easier.

The Playdate was first revealed on the cover of Edge magazine in 2019. Since then, development has been completed, with pre-orders open next month for the first shipments. The portable console is a sort of successor to the Game Boy, with a similar design that has been improved with a wi-fi connection and a new mechanical crank like an analog stick. Games that can be played on this new system are added to the console in seasonal distribution, with two games downloaded for free each week for 12 weeks. This is made possible by the side loading capabilities of the system.

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The games presented on Playdate are created on an SDK, with the programming languages ​​C and Lua. This means that every game on Playdate is unique and exclusive to the handheld, with the developers working with Panic to create titles just for the system. That being said, without a method for gamers to purchase games, it might be difficult for Panic to attract developer studios to the system, so the company has made it easier to develop a Playdate game for little. near anyone. According to a recent article by Gamasutra, Panic is currently developing a navigation tool that allows users to develop titles for the Playdate without any coding required. The tool is called Pulp and is expected to launch in 2021.

Panic is going to need some creatives to take an interest in the tool, as the system will require exciting new titles each season to keep a large player base engaged with the Playdate. The crank creates some interesting development possibilities, with the games already announced for Season 1 in the recent Developer Update making creative and ingenious uses of the unusual controls.

The Playdate will be available for pre-order in July for just $ 179, which is a lot cheaper than most current-gen consoles. There is no announced release date or shipping period for the Playdate, as Panic predicts parts shortages will affect shipping and development of the console. Those who still wish can place a pre-order and should receive their console as soon as possible.

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Source: Panic / YouTube, Gamasutra

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