PlayStation Boss leaks ‘free’ info on potential Xbox Game Pass competitor

Sony recently unveiled the PlayStation Plus service, as the service is seen as the competitor to Xbox Game Pass. However, there are some reasons why few gamers won’t be happy about it. Especially when it comes to its rival’s amazing feature of providing free first-party versions.


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But PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan has his own valid rationale for why PlayStation Plus won’t include immediate first-party titles when it debuts in June 2022.


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Jim Ryan explains why PlayStation Plus isn’t the same as ‘other’ services

In case you missed it, CEO Jim Ryan recently appeared on the official PlayStation Podcast. In the episode called “The Wonderlands Between”, he talked about a lot of things related to the company’s future ambitions. Additionally, he discussed various things about the upcoming PS Plus subscription service.

During the interaction, he also answered one of the most crucial questions posed by the host, who was none other than the President of SIE. When the latter asked Jim why PlayStation Plus wouldn’t include proprietary games, such as free, on launch day itself, the CEO had this to say:

“We grow our studios organically, and we grow through acquisitions. We’ve acquired five studios in 2021, are in discussions with Bungie, and have more planned. This brings us into a virtuous circle where success breeds success.

Continuing further, he clearly stated the exact reason why PlayStation Plus will not add day one launches for gamers.


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“Now I have to say that putting these games into a subscription service as soon as they come out would break that virtuous cycle, and we wouldn’t be able to invest in the way that we are currently able to. So we let’s not.

So this is it. The next updated PlayStation Plus will be different from Xbox Game Pass. But more than that, what’s important to the service is giving gamers the best titles to enjoy. And this will be the main objective of the entire PS team.

What do you think of this situation? Do you agree with what Jim Ryan said?


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